(Excerpts from Six Keys To Loving Yourself by Carolyn Hillman)

Counseling Can Help Guide You Through The Six Keys:

COMPASSION: Compassion is like a healing potion that goes directly to where you are hurting. Listen to your inner voice that is caring, healing, and ready to cheer & encourage you. IT IS THERE; it's just been stifled for so long you really have to listen for it.

ACCEPTANCE: No human is perfect, and that includes you. No matter what parts of yourself you may like to change, it is important to value yourself for who you are now--as a moving, changing, evolving being with very specific attributes and abilities.

RESPECT: Traditional roles are viewed as not difficult, demanding, or impressive. In the business world unequal access to the symbols of respect and the need to walk a thin line between being too passive and too assertive sets some people up to feel lesser than most others. Remember a time when somebody showed you respect when you feeling down on yourself. Remember the feeling that radiated through you when you took the comment in as truth. It's time to give that to yourself.

ENCOURAGEMENT: We all need encouragement to set goals and to believe that we can attain them. active, Often some people are very good at encouraging others who are struggling. Take those same skills inward while acknowledging the realistic barriers most people face, and the value of valiant effort.

SUPPORT: Have you ever felt so bad that you just wanted to stay in bed and hide from the world? You probably longed for someone to nurture you and give you courage to go on. We can be that kind of loving parent to ourselves by letting ourselves know that no matter what, we will still be in our own corner.

STROKING: Have you ever petted a cat, gently stroking it all over as it purred in pleasure. Can you remember being stroked this way? A gentle massage? Being rocked in a nurturer's arms? Let yourself remember in your body. Even if we get little stroking from others, we can learn to give ourselves some. We can do it physically, emotionally, with words, with gifts. You deserve it. YOU DESERVE IT!

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