Negative Self-Talk and Your Self-Esteem

Self image is how we see ourselves, and how we think others see us. Self image plays a HUGE role in how we behave and feel.

What is self esteem?

Self-esteem is our internal feelings and evaluation of ourselves based on our "perceived" self-image.

Self-esteem and self image are closely inter-related. And, are largely based on our feedback while growing-up (parents, peers, other important figures).


It takes about 20 positive statements ABOUT OURSELVES (the foundation of our self-image -- self-esteem) to counteract even just 1 negative personal statement!

Here's the difficult part:

It doesn't take a continual repetition of negative statements from our parents, peers, and others throughout our childhood to cause low self-image-self-esteem...fact is, once we get a couple in our head, we can use them over and over again. Again and again we take those false negatives and repeat them unconsciously (completely unaware). It's like having a constant heckler with you.

Can counseling help?

Most definitely. Negative self-talk is a big problem that most counselors are able to help with using a cognitive-behavioral counseling approach. We need to replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk we're willing to let ourselves accept. You can't draw on a chalkboard if there's an eraser following close behind. That's what negative self-talk erases the good, and replenishes it with bad.

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