By Tez

My pain and yours like thorns entwine.
Ghosts caressing, a tiny hand clasps mine.
I see your pain, your mind obsessing
To free itself by words confessing.

The guilt's not yours, oh lovely child.
Nor Adam's nor Eve's so easily beguiled.
My heart goes out to you for this to believe.
If only Omar's verse could for a moment relieve.

For wine from the grape as an elixir for pain
over many centuries has failed again and again.
But when two hearts share the daggers driven deep
A rose mid the thorns from within one does creep.

For pain truly shared is more precious than gold
Vulnerability so ensnared allows love to unfold.
Was this the cross's purpose on Golgotha' s dark hill?
With love unbounded for mans' hearts to fulfil.

For the process of loving seems enough of itself.
No hell nor heaven for persuasion, not even great wealth
Can barter for the heart one moment of bliss.
Like the magnificent splendour of the young lover's first kiss.

Oh to let go of self and like an eagle to soar,
To feel love's power, and like a lion to roar.
To feel love's tenderness like ducklings newborn
Or the mother doe's devotion to her awkward new fawn.

Yet the fossicking duckling seemingly so fragile and mild,
To the worm is a monster, an evil devil's child.
Is this the same for all species great and small?
Is man any different having risen above all?

For each predator a prey, pairing sustenance with sacrifice.
For whose satisfaction and glory pay we the great price?
On that dreadful hill two thousand years ago with such pain
our salvation was bought. Why do we pay yet again and again?

For love to exist among creatures, as well as among men
Empathy for the suffering of others seems a prerequisite then.
Great empathy comes from suffering well used and understood.
All victors without victims, no suffering, no good.

Could God a total victor, unvanquished, beyond pain
know suffering, and sharing, the means of love's gain?
Only through ignorance of His majesty and might,
Could He know vulnerability, fear and great fright.

Is this how He chose, Himself to divide?
Into small entities His great might to hide?
Now we like Christ have a true Father indeed.
In Christ calling us Brothers with the same Father are freed.

No longer are we with illusions of mortality bound.
Gone is the terror of Francis Thompson's heavenly hound.
No earthly dilemma, no fear, no pain
Can assume such proportions for despair to sustain.

So if Love is the reason for the original big spark?
Is Love the strings binding electron, protron and quark?
Is Nature, Love in action, part of God's great plan
For experiencing His own Love through the fragility of man?

If so, gone are the victims, the horrors, the dread.
For all, unknowingly God, are playing God's game instead.
No injustice, just Love from infinity opportunities is born
Again and again from hearts safe from the thorn.

But surely God, who knows all, has no need of a game
Within a universe bound within time's great frame?
But is time a great dream within the mind of God?
Are we just players with a path eternally trod?

Are we God knowing all experiences in time?
A grand spectrum of events for love to define?
From great joy to despair pole pairs must exist.
With pleasure comes pain, joy sorrows resist.

Let's lift up our hearts to Love's great game
Spurn neither sorrow nor wealth nor fame.
Let's partake of the cup of life overflowing
And hand in hand join in God's great knowing.

Tez with Joy

P51 Mustang in the
background. It is my
favourite aircraft.

Tez is a member of Ullysses Motor Cycle Club

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