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401 E. Prospect Ave. Suite 109

Mt Prospect, Illinois 60056
Ruth B. Duda & Associates Drug Rehab Programs, Alcohol Rehab Programs

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Ruth B. Duda and Associates is thoroughly professional in its treatment plans and philosophy. We are non-judgmental and only wish to help our clients. Not everyone who comes to us is addicted to drugs or alchohol. Sometimes they may simply have made a bad judgement call about how much alchohol is too much and were caught driving under the influence. Maybe they neglected to assign someone as designated driver for their group. Others do have a problem and need intervention.

We are capable and ready to serve both types of clients. Collectively, Ruth B. Duda and Associates staff have over 35 years DUI experience providing education, early intervention, treatment and individual counseling. Our clients are in good hands, and every attempt will be made to help each client with their own individual situation

Languages Other Than EnglishSpanish
Years In Practice3
Number Of Staff5
Licenses & CertificationsLicensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. (DASA)

Drug Rehab Programs, Alcohol Rehab Programs

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