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Neil has been active in Tampa Bay ex-offender reentry and he returned to the facility he was released from to facilitate Florida’s first ever ex-offender reentry resource and criminal addiction support group. He then continued his active participation in other local 12 step substance abuse groups to form and chair both English and Spanish language support meetings for those recovering from alcohol and drugs. He has been nominated by The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Office of Justice Programs as a peer reviewer, is a respected treatment professional, and has become a pioneer in providing an ex-offender community based solution to high recidivism and its origins in criminal addiction and substance addiction.

Reentry Coach was developed as a result of the changing landscape of addiction treatment services, ex-offender reentry services, and the lack of realistic mutual-aid support mechanisms available to people of either population. The Reentry Coach primary principle is that the most effective treatment services for a newly recovering addict, alcoholic, or for an ex-offender leaving incarceration, is that ‘treatment’ go back to it’s roots before treatment programs became stifled with regulatory authority. One person helping another person using their personal and successful recovery skills and experiences is without parallel.

The Reentry Coach, Companion, and Escort concept and services have grown out of the already successful sober coach, companion, and escort options being utilized from California to New York. All those services are now available as a viable option to addiction treatment, incarceration, and lengthy waiting periods for an opening in correctional addiction facilities by court order. Until Reentry Coach, services for successful ex-offender reentry were virtually non-existent apart from basic vouchers for community programs, which were only serving a small part of the overall population. For the first time, a newly released offender or newly sober person and their family have alternative options to ‘conventional’ reentry and addiction recovery services. When every other method or treatment has failed to protect someone from harming themselves due to their addictive nature, that’s when Reentry and Sober Coach Neil Connors is called to teach the necessary recovery skills to succeed outside traditional 12 step programs and correctional justice supervision.

Licenses & CertificationsNeil Connors founded the Reentry Anonymous program and the Reentry Coach concept in Tampa Florida in 2005. Reentry Anonymous was the first ex-offender reentry support program with substance abuse emphasis ever to adapt the proven 12 step recovery model of Alcoholics Anonymous and apply it to criminal addiction. Reentry coaching, companions, and escorting were concepts that had never existed before that time. Criminal addiction theory, treatment, and support were born out of his personal experiences as a former police officer, recovering alcoholic and addict.
Languages Other Than EnglishEnglish, Spanish
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