Lana M. Ackaway, LCSW-R, CASAC   edit Info

280 Madison Avenue, Suite 608

New York, New York 10016

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I am an empathic human being and a highly trained and experienced certified psychoanalyst and licensed clinical social worker. I have a broad range of expertise in facing life on life’s terms. I have assisted many individuals to change–change their lives; change their careers; change their jobs; change their personal choices. I can assist you with short and/or longer term commitments in getting a career/passion/or major job change to fruition. If you are unhappy in your relationship(s), change here is also possible.

I am very comfortable with myself and can readily reach within myself to be with most other people. I am imaginatively intuitive, always well grounded and consistently in touch with another’s psychic structure and needs. I am a thoughtful and kind person.

I am committed to traveling with another person on a journey with his/her self-discovery. The road can be short, long, bumpy or treacherous. I love challenge.

I like to help others manage and resolve difficulties of the heart – love, loss, and work during significant life changes/transitions; for example, career change, death/illness in family, early “recovery,” relapse with addiction(s), divorce, new marriage, new success, etc. I am committed to providing high-quality professional assessment and counseling/psychotherapy to people who have not accessed or have had prior unsatisfactory experiences with psychotherapy. I am also committed to traveling the lengthy road of psychoanalysis with people who want to take the voyage.

Another “arm” of my private practice is “Second Opinions”:


The need for a second opinion for one experiencing major change/a significant life transition is of value for HEALYH — mental, physical and spiritual. During change, the terrain is stormy, bumpy, skiddy and deep. Many feel angry about significant change(s)which really disguises the depth of the fears and grief involved. Anxiety ensues and one begins to doubt whether the new is even possible.

Some examples for need for a second opinion:

Languages Other Than EnglishYiddish
Insurance & Payments Acceptedsliding scale
Professional AssociationsAAPCSW
Licenses & CertificationsNYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Psychoanalyst, New York State Credentialed Alcoholism Counselor
Theoretical Orientationpsychodynamic, eclectic
Areas Most Worked Inadults, adolescents, aging, groups
Specialties / EmphasisAnxiety/Panic Attacks, Crisis Counseling, Codependency/ACA, Dissociative Disorders (MPD/Repressed Memories), Divorce/Dissolution, Eating Disorders, Grief/Loss, Men's Issues, Mood Disorders (Depression/Bipolar), Personality Disorders, Self Esteem/Personal Growth, Substance Abuse/Dependency, Trauma Recovery (abuse), Women's Issues
Company TypeIndividual
Number Of Staffself
Years In Practice20+

Therapy, Life Coaching

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