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Marriage counseling, and or individual counseling is a very personal undertaking, I’m glad you’ve chosen to work with me. I am committed to working with you to achieve your goals. I understand that at times like this it’s important to work with someone who understands your concerns and who is qualified to to provide the skilled marriage and or individual counseling you desire. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, all of our discussions are under federal law, strictly confidential, this is to ensure your privacy and comfort. I have been providing successful marriage and individual counseling for approaching two decades, assisting couples and individuals to work through the issues that impact their happiness and quality of life.

The future doesn’t just happen, it is created. Our destiny is not in the stars, but in ourselves. We may need to follow in the wake of those who have gone before us, but what we do and where we go is ultimately up to us. Sometimes we learn the hard way that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Positive thinking is an intellectual choice, and by keeping our eyes focused on the light of optimism, we can restore faith in ourselves and stay clear of the shadows.

Because we are all individuals, and our marriages are unique to us, no two are exactly the same. As a result we are all in need of differing levels of care and intervention. Based on my years of experience as a professional counselor, I have developed four different marriage counseling programs, tailored to meet the differing needs that my clients face. First I have the 8 week marriage counseling program, which is ideal for moderate levels of stress an conflict, couples struggling with communication and intermittent significant fights. Next I have developed the 10 week marriage counseling program which is ideal for couples who are experiencing considerable levels of stress and conflict, poor communication, frequent fighting and threats of divorce. For couples experiencing relentless conflict, and stress the 12 week counseling program is a very good choice to restore harmony to your marriage / relationship. The 14 week elite marriage counseling program is ideal for marriages experiencing critical levels of stress and conflict, one in which the both of you are very committed to working things out but the constant conflict is unbearable. The right program for you and your marriage, can restore the harmony, respect and love the both of you once shared.

Sometimes our needs are much more personal and we are seeking counseling to improve ourselves and our life, and or career. For you I have developed four individual counseling / life coaching / executive coaching programs. First I have the 8 week individual counseling / coaching program, which is ideal for individuals experiencing a rough time in their lives, and may be feeling depressed. It is a solution, present focused program, which is designed to help you understand the things that are happening in your life today, gain some new skills and tools and send you on your way. The second program is the 10 week individual counseling / executive coaching program. It is for individuals seeking a more in depth exploration of their life circumstances. Through our discussions you will gain new perspective, tools and skills to deal more effectively with your unique life circumstances. The 12 week individual counseling / executive coaching program is ideal for individuals looking for a strategic ally in life work and relationships. This program will afford you a unique opportunity to engage in an in depth exploration of your life situation, and background. Through our discussions you will learn many tools, develop and utilize these skills to achieve your goals in life, work and love. The 14 week Elite individual counseling / executive coaching program is ideal for individuals looking for a long term strategic ally in life work and relationships. This program will afford you not only the opportunity to explore and understand your life situations, but give you a tangible competitive edge allowing you to achieve your goals more gracefully and efficiently then ever before. Through our discussions you will learn many tools, develop and utilize these skills to achieve your goals in life, work and love.

Counseling / Marriage Counseling is an investment in yourself and/or your marriage. It seems that no one teaches us how to be an emotionally healthy person, or how to have a healthy marriage. Some of us seek out a coach, or a mentor, and when we do, we find that we have discovered something that we never knew existed. We find that being an emotionally healthy person or having a healthy marriage is not a mysterious or elusive thing that people only talk about. It’s real, and within your grasp. The time and energy you spend on yourself and your marriage is never wasted! Invest in yourself and your marriage!

There is hope.

Robert Whitman LPC, MA, CACIII

Insurance & Payments AcceptedCheck, Cash
Licenses & CertificationsLicenced Professional Counselor, LPC, Masters of Arts Psychology, MA, Certified Addictions Counselor Senior level, CACIII
Theoretical OrientationBrief therapy, Rational emotive therapy (Focusing on emotions and thinking)
Areas Most Worked InAdults, Marriage, Individual Counseling, Life Coaching, Psychologicial Testing
Specialties / EmphasisAnxiety/Panic Attacks, Crisis Counseling, Chronically Mental Ill, Dissociative Disorders (MPD/Repressed Memories), Divorce/Dissolution, Eating Disorders, Employment Issues, Gay/Lesbian Issues, Grief/Loss, Men's Issues, Mood Disorders (Depression/Bipolar), Personality Disorders, Self Esteem/Personal Growth, Sexual Disorders, Substance Abuse/Dependency, Trauma Recovery (abuse), Women's Issues
Company TypeIndividual
Number Of Staff1
Years In Practice17

Therapy, Life Coaching

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