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I don’t do a one-size-fits-all type of counseling. I will tailor my approach to your individual needs. Although there are some common themes, tools, and techniques that I often use, each session is unique.

We may do talk therapy sometimes, because it can help you see the bigger picture or understand the roots and patterns of certain issues and behaviors. But many of my clients really enjoy and benefit from more active types of therapy, such as dream exploration, Gestalt or EMDR.

I offer a free initial consultation, so that we can start to know each other, and so that I can learn what problems or difficulties you are experiencing. Together, we will decide if working together is a good fit.

It is totally OK if you feel confused, nervous, or shy when you first come in — you can go at your own pace, and say as much as you are comfortable saying at that time. I am a good listener, and I have plenty of kleenex, lots of patience and empathy, and a good sense of humor.

Many clients first come in to see a counselor or therapist when they are stressed out. So often I start with some stress management and relaxation techniques. Relaxation is something you can learn!

I teach some very effective body/mind, breath awareness, and mindfulness or meditation techniques to most of my clients.

And for couples: Research shows that most couples wait too long before seeking help … about six years too long. It is so much better to be pro-active and learn the emotional and communication skills that can save your relationship before you have hurt each other’s hearts, or let the love die out. See http://www.bouldercouplescounseling.com/ for information about private sessions and seminars for couples.

Licenses & Certifications* Licensed Professional Counselor. - * MA, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, Naropa University, 1997. - * MA, Experiential Education, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1989. - * EMDR Level 1 and 2. - * PAIRS Couples Communication Skills Training. - * IMAGO Couples Education Training. - * Attachment Therapy Training. - * Gestalt Certification, Gestalt Institute of the Rockies. - * Certified Shamanic Journey Guide. -
Years In Practice14
Number Of Staff1
Insurance & Payments AcceptedCash, check, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). - We can check if your out-of-network insurance benefits will cover therapy.

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