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Would you like to improve your relationships? Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, unhappy, lonely, or uncertain? Do you ever worry that maybe you’re with the “wrong” person or need help finding the “right” person? Are you ready to start enjoying your personal life and your love life? You’re not alone.

Whether you’re dating, engaged, or married, relationships can be difficult. They can be unpredictable, disappointing, frustrating, and confusing at times. One day you may feel COMPLETELY in love, connected, and happy, and the next day you may feel sad, disconnected, or fed-up. The good news is you don’t have to remain on an emotional roller coaster. Counseling can help, I’d like to help.

Counseling, either as an individual or as a couple, will enhance the quality of your relationships and the quality of your life. Whether you’re looking to improve your current relationship or are still in the process of finding that special someone, I can help. I am a clinical psychologist in Newport Beach, who specializes in helping INDIVIDUALS and COUPLES create meaningful, satisfying relationships. It is possible to have love in your life and restore a healthier version of you. I will help you get there.

Call (949) 375-9220 or email me today to schedule your first appointment.

Licenses & CertificationsClinical Psychologist PSY22674

, Marriage Counseling

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