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200 Little Falls St., Suite 306 Falls Church

Falls Church, Virginia 22046
DC VA Counseling Psychotherapy, LLC , Marriage Counseling

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We are a relational center. Relational psychotherapy is an integrative form of therapy, relational psychotherapy was born from a combination of several therapeutic theories and practices. In the 1980s a shift occurred in the practice of therapy, in that it moved away from simply exploring inner experiences (intrasubjective) and toward greater understanding of the impact of relationships on individual experiences (intersubjective). Since then, relational psychotherapy has expanded, growing to become a widely used theoretical base for many other forms of therapy that focus on a person’s relationships and the impact they can have on emotional and mental wellness. At the same time we offer brain changing therapeutic approaches to rewire your brain and achieve long term healing and benefits when talk therapy isn’t enough. Ask for more information to see which one is the best for you.

Languages Other Than EnglishSpanish
Years In Practice10
Number Of Staff3
Insurance & Payments AcceptedOut of network Square, paypal, cash & checks

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