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6570 Dunmoor Drive

Lake Spivey Estates, Georgia 30236

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C.O.R.A. Home is a faith based non profit 501 (c)(3) drug/alcohol addiction recovery residencen that abides by the Georgia Association of Recovery Residences (GARR) Code of Ethics. C.O.R.A. Home is NOT a treatment facility, but a drug/alcohol addiction recovery environment for women. C.O.R.A. meets the needs of women who are
ready to take the next step toward long lasting recovery.

C.O.R.A. provides a caring, structured environment in which women can identify and explore gender specific drug/alcohol addiction issues that may be getting in the way of a more rewarding home life and career, or of more fulfilling relationships.Addiction affects the entire family. Our program addresses family dynamics as well as the individual.
The purpose of an addiction recovery residence is generally to allow people to begin the process of reintegration with society, while still providing structure and support. This is believed to reduce the risk of recidivism or relapse when compared to a release directly into society. C.O.R.A., Inc. (Community Outreach for Recovering Adults) provides for reintegration of persons who have recently completed a rehab program and are ready to take the next step in their recovery.

C.O.R.A. offers the structure, safety, and serious recovery environment that women need to be successful. We are a place of healing, hope, and success that will allow you to flourish in your life and in your recovery.
We seek women who are willing and ready to immerse themselves in a positive lifestyle, not only free of drugs and alcohol, but also free of self-centeredness, co-dependence, and the other character defects that arise from this disease. We believe strongly in spiritual principles that guide us in everything we do. We care for each other, and C.O.R.A. will help you grow into a more caring, loving and spiritually fulfilled woman.

We operate on the principles found in the 12 Steps, and also the structure found within the 12 Traditions. We hold meetings weekly in our community as well as encourage (and require) meetings outside of our community, so you will grow in the fellowship of recovery as well as in its program.

Hope is to desire, believe, and trust that what is wanted can be had or that events can turn out for the best. Hope becomes too distant to believe in any more for an addict/alcoholic, and even for his loved ones. Is it possible to find hope again?

Hopelessness goes hand in hand with addiction. The loss of control and the subsequent loss of virtually everything valued in our hearts. As we surrender to a compulsion time and time again we become imprisoned, desperate, alone and hopeless. Some women with addiction may still possess things, jobs, families, and some degree of functioning. Other women have lost all of these… The one thing all these women have in common is the irresistible impulse to repeat damaging behavior. “Why can’t I just stop?” “Why did I do that, I am hopeless…” “I swear I will never do that again”, they proclaim to themselves and their loved ones meaning it with every fiber of their being. Families and loved ones have developed the same sense desperation watching failure over and over. Will power has become meaningless and makes these women feel absolutely hopeless.

YES, there is an answer. The answer is real, long-lasting recovery; there for the taking just as a drink or drug was there for you. The reason it appears so elusive is not because it is hard to find… It is elusive because the same hopelessness that has surrounded these women prevents them from doing the one thing they MUST do – SURRENDER!

Licenses & CertificationsNAADAC, GACA
Years In Practice1
Number Of Staff7

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