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In our fast-paced and busy society, it is normal and understandable to feel overwhelmed, worried, and stressed by the number of competing responsibilities (work, family, friends, etc.) that we have to juggle in our lives. In fact, it is easy to feel like you sometimes cannot handle it all, especially when faced with significant life stressors such as relationship problems, financial distress, illness, or job dissatisfaction. Therapy is the ideal place to help you get the support and guidance you need to learn new skills and insights that can assist you right now in coping with worries and stress. In therapy, I focus on helping individuals and couples like you:

* Feel better understood, supported by, and connected to others

* Live a more balanced and healthy life that is respectful of others’ opinions, but does not betray your own needs or sense of self

* Discover ways to spend more meaningful time with family and friends

* Have more energy and time to devote to things you really enjoy

* Develop better communication skills for when conflict or stress arises

* Find deeper meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction in your everyday life

* Feel more confident in your ability to handle emotional distress and discomfort

While my practice encompasses helping people with a wide range of issues (including depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, etc.), I am especially dedicated to helping individuals improve their primary relationships. I believe that we are naturally social beings who want to feel connected to and cared for by others. I therefore specialize in helping couples and families learn how to better manage their conflicts, communicate effectively, improve emotional and physical intimacy, understand relationship dynamics, cope with relationship stress and anxiety, and better appreciate the unique contributions that each individual brings to the relationship. My overall goal is to help couples and family members learn to rely on each other as a source of support and strength rather than one of stress, hurt feelings, and conflict.

Licenses & CertificationsLicensed Psychologist
Years In Practice4
Number Of Staff1
Insurance & Payments AcceptedCash, Checks, Credit Cards, Medicare, Some Insurance

, Marriage Counseling

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