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950 N Federal Hwy

Pompano Beach, Florida 33062

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After going through his own difficulties battling the disease of addiction, Founder of Banyan Treatment Center Bob spent many years working in the recovery community trying to give back by helping other suffering addicts and alcoholics. It was Bob’s vision to start an honest, clean and supportive community for people to recover in. This vision became a reality when he teamed up with a young investor who also had a passion for helping young adults gain the tools they need in order to succeed in life.

Our program is aptly named after the Florida-native Banyan tree, which never quits growing; without additional support it will collapse. It thrives by joining other trees which then support each other while they grow new roots and establish a firm foundation. This sort of symbiosis and collaboration is necessary for people who are recovering from drug and alcohol addictions. The goal of Banyan Sober Living is to provide that supportive network to people in recovery.

Our sober housing and treatment programs are designed to help people who are working towards recovery with transitioning into the community at large as healthy and productive members of society. We are a 12-step based treatment program that offers all levels of treatment, from detox to outpatient, and provide treatment plans that are tailored to the individual needs of each client. Because everyone recovers differently – each on their own journey – at Banyan Treatment and Recovery, we honor the individual’s healing process.

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