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We want you to find health, well-being, peace and happiness and to provide you with the tools you need.
A Caring Approach – Bethesda individual Counselor, Couple Counseling offers mental health therapist, couples counselor, Marriage Counselor, Individual counseling, counselor, Couple Counseling Therapist, couple counseling, Life Coach in Bethesda, MD.
Couple Counseling Therapist
Dr. Carlos Durana offers individual, relationship, and couples counseling as well as telephone consultations in Bethesda, MD. His approach is based on a resource model of growth and healing.
Relationship or couples therapy helps clients understand each other, resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, and problem solve in a healthier way in order to improve relationship satisfaction. Couples therapy can be short-term to help you move through a crisis or it may last for several months or more if the relationship has greatly deteriorated. In the event of separation or divorce, couples therapy can ease this very difficult process. Couples counseling offered by Dr. Durana in Bethesda, MD focuses on problems between individuals, but these problems sometimes may also involve individual problems which may need to be addressed along with relationship conflicts. Beyond helping couples break out of negative cycles, the ultimate aim of couples counseling is to enhanceintimacy, trust, satisfaction and love, and develop ways of relating that support each other’s core identities and life purposes.

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