Human beings have grown to control the world but we are still massively out populated by the animal kingdom. For most people, animals provide a source of food, materials, entertainment or can be exhibited to provide an educational experience. However, to some they can be seen as a source of terror or potential anxiety attack. Zoophobia is an extreme fear of all animals, no matter the shape or size, usually caused by a traumatic event at some point in life. If left untreated, the fear can grow exponentially and begin to directly interfere with our mental state and social lives.

Symptoms of Zoophobia

Symptoms that are usually associated with zoophobia are also commonly seen in panic attacks on other anxiety disorders. If a zoophobic person is placed in a stressful situation, they may experience one or more of the following:

  • Trouble breathing or panic
  • Change in blood pressure and heart rate
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Desire to flee
  • Stress or anxiety in the presence of or due to the thought of animals.
  • Fear of all animals, regardless of type

Causes of Zoophobia

Zoophobia is commonly caused in childhood or can be traced back to a traumatic event the person has had in dealing with an animal. These fears slowly begin to manifest themselves and will reappear if the person is placed in a stressful situation; this would be any environment shared or containing any type of animal.

Common Facts About Zoophobia

It is important to remember that not every fear of animals should be considered a part of zoophobia. For example, it can be considered common to be afraid of rats, snakes or even loud, barking dogs. Zoophobia is specifically referring to an irrational fear of all animals, even if they are not dangerous or threatening. Those with zoophobia may even change their personal schedules or lifestyles in order to avoid seeing or interacting with any and all animals. At this point, a person should begin to actively seek treatment before the fear begins to take over other facets of their lifestyle.

Zoophobia is a considered to be among the most painful phobias to live with, as the fear of animals applies to everything from a friend’s pet cat to a caged zoo exhibit. Every animal is able to create a stressful situation through this phobia and since they heavily outnumber the amount of humans on this planet, the problem is very apparent. If you are considering seeking out treatment methods available to help you better deal with your fear of animals, do some research and find the best options near you. It is never too late to overcome your fear and the earlier you start treatment, the easier your recovery will be.

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