Why You Should Consider Going to an LGBT Rehab

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Why You Should Consider Going to an LGBT Rehab

When you’re struggling with alcoholism or addiction and you belong to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender (LGBT) community, good news is that there are gay-friendly rehabs out there where you will feel completely welcomed and celebrated regardless of your sexual orientation. There are a few rehabs that strictly cater to the LGBT community and most of their attendees fall into that population. There are others that are simply very welcoming of the LGBT community, so you won’t have to fear judgment or contention.

Why should you consider going to a LGBT rehab? Well, first of all, if you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs and you cannot quit on your own, it’s important that you consider going to rehab in order to begin a new life without such. You’ve struggled with the pain long enough and it’s time to get free. Secondly, if you live an alternative lifestyle, then attending an LGBT friendly rehab will help you feel more at home and free to be yourself. Sometimes, even in this day and age, there are judgmental people that tend to make the LGBT crowd feel different.

What do LGBT rehabs offer?

LGBT rehabs offer the same services as any rehabs. There you will be able to meet with a professional substance abuse counselor to discuss the disease of addiction and formulate a treatment plan for yourself. You will be able to meet with others for group therapy. You may be introduced to a 12 Step program and attend meetings. You’ll also get to have individual counseling to contend with any issues you may be experiencing.

If you’re part of the LGBT community, you may have some struggles with your identity or shame. Many people in the LGBT crowd are afraid to come out, have come out and have been ridiculed and shunned, or just deal with a lot of confusion and other negative emotions inside. It’s wonderful to be in an atmosphere where the counselors and your peers are very accepting of alternative lifestyles. That way you can simply be yourself, be honest, and receive the unconditional love that you deserve.

Where are LGBT rehabs?

  • Morningside Gay and Lesbian Addiction Treatment Program: At Morningside you’ll get wonderful treatment that caters to addiction and any underlying issues that come along with it. If you’re seeking a gay friendly atmosphere and/or struggle with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, etc., you’ll be pleased at the services at Morningside. This treatment center is located in California.
  • Pride Institute: At Pride Institute, you’ll receive quality treatment in order to get free from addiction, as well as a supportive environment for the LGBT community. They’ve been around for over 25 years and are located in Minnesota.
  • Ocean Hills Recovery: Ocean Hills is an LGBT friendly rehab that offers alcohol and drug rehab programs to help people get free from addiction and begin a beautiful life of recovery. This rehab is located in California.

When you’re ready to attend rehab, take a look at these facilities. If you’re not in these areas, do some research on whether there are LGBT friendly rehabs closer to where you live. You can always call rehabs and discuss the matter with them as well.

Dominica Applegate has a BS in Psychology, an MA in Counseling and has worked in the mental health field for 12 years before launching her own business as a writer. Specializing in addictions, relationships, codependency, fitness and health, Dominica’s work is ultimately about helping people remove blocks that keep them stuck, because everyone can really create a life that they love.

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