Types Of Self-Help

The Many Shapes and Sizes of Self-Help

One reason that self-help strategies are so popular is because there’s essentially a self-help type or tactic for each person. Whether you prefer solitary strategies or group therapy sessions, each one offers self-help solutions for a number of different pressing problems.

  • Find recovery from addiction or alcoholism
  • Break free from anger and destructive emotions
  • Find relief from anxiety, depression or panic
  • Improve relationships through marriage or relationship self-help or divorce self-help solutions
  • Take advantage of self-help solutions for men and women struggling with self-esteem

The Right Time to Seek Self-Help Solutions

Although the self-help industry is incredibly popular, it’s important to understand that self-help solutions aren’t the answer to every problem. As a general rule, self-help strategies are best used with less serious issues. The bigger the issue is, the more likely it is to require the assistance of a medical or behavioral professional. This means that issues like sexual abuse, drug addiction or deep depression could escalate or degenerate into massive issues that could create serious side effects in your life. If there is any chance that you’re contending with issues like these, it may be best to approach your self-help strategies under the supervision of a licensed and credentialed professional.

Where to Find Self-Help

If you’re reading this from your computer, you already have access to one of the greatest tools in the self-help industry. Not only can you find a host of self-help authorities, articles, online groups and other vital self-help resources, you can do it without added costs or the need to go anywhere. This also translates into anonymity and the power to find the change without the fear of what other people might think or say.

For those not comfortable with online self-help solutions or who want additional ways to supplement their self-help, other popular self-help delivery methods include: books, magazines, videos, workshops, support groups, classes and seminars. Often, a simple browse through local newspapers will introduce you to a number of different face-to-face, group encounters already underway across your community.

If you prefer a more personal and one-on-one approach to the self-help sector, you might be interested in signing on the services of a life coach, business coach, sports coach or health and wellness coach who can work with you on the individual level to identify areas of potential improvement and the best strategies to bring about change. A simple Google search, a look through the Yellow Pages, your local newspaper or even asking your friends or loved ones for recommendations can yield enough suggestions to get your search started in earnest.

Hope: The Staple of All Self-Help Solutions

While there are many different specific types of self-help solutions, ranging from health and wellness, weight loss, addiction recovery, making more money, boosting your self-confidence or just about anything else you can imagine, the one thing that all of these different segments of the self-help industry share is that they focus on providing you with hope. Even when (perhaps, especially when would be more appropriate) times are tough in the economy or job markets, the self-help industry still thrives and survives when other industries are in their darkest times. While this may lead many to feel that there is something fundamentally exploitative about the self-help industry (after all, if the last book that came out was THE solution, why is there anyone left to buy the new one?), the fact is that self-help does actually help people find personal, lasting change that can revitalize a life previously without hope or encouragement.

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