Substance Abuse Counseling

Individual Versus Group Substance Abuse Counseling Sessions

Addiction is a serious problem not only in America, but all across the globe. Because substance abuse comes in many different shapes and sizes, substance abuse counseling options should be equally diverse. Alcoholics face different issues than those addicted to pain pills that have different problems than those addicted to crack cocaine. Since substance abuse varies from one addict to the next, it only makes sense that in order to be truly effective, substance abuse counselors must work to tailor their treatments to address the needs of both individuals and groups of the addicted. When recovery is the ultimate goal of substance abuse counseling, those suffering from addiction must never feel pigeonholed into a certain treatment method but must know that there is a solution out there that will meet each of their needs regardless of what they are. To decide which is best for you or someone you love, then consider the following:

  • Privacy or support and accountability;
  • The need for a one on one relationship with a counselor or a group scenario;
  • Cost in relation to various treatment options.

The Benefits of Individual Substance Abuse Therapy

There are distinct advantages of individual substance abuse counseling. First of all, there’s the important issue of privacy. If you don’t want to share your story with a group or are afraid that you could lose your job or children in the process, then individual therapy sessions will likely prove beneficial. Individual substance abuse treatment sessions also mean that your counselor has more time to work with you one-on-one. Also, because group sessions are more likely to lead people to put on masks and pretend, face-to-face and private sessions with a substance abuse therapist can often mean you get to dig down deeper into the issues and reasons that result in your escape to addictive substances. Additionally, if you feel too overwhelmed with your own problems to listen to others go on and on about their issues, individual therapy may offer greater results and participation on your part. Finally, you can arrange individual substance abuse recovery sessions around your calendar instead of adjusting your schedule in order to attend group sessions.

The Advantages of Group Addiction Counseling

Individual sessions aren’t for everyone. Deciding which type of substance abuse counseling will work for those addicted are highly personal decisions and should be based upon specific need and circumstances. What worked for your neighbor, or even your twin sister, might not work out the best for you. The benefits of group therapy for substance abuse are many. First, most group therapy sessions are a markedly cheaper option than individual sessions, with some of them even being free. There’s also the fact that meeting with other people who are facing the same struggles that you are can offer a “big picture” view that broadens your perception and puts your own problems into a different perspective. Furthermore, listening to other people talk about their addiction can help you come to terms with the fact that there is more than one way to deal with an issue. If the way you’ve been doing things in the past has failed, there are other options to try in the future. Finally, group sessions add the benefit not only of encouragement, but accountability. Not only will you build new relationships with others who are in the same challenging position as you, the participants can keep an eye out on one another and provide strength and support when needed.

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