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Street drugs deliver intense peaks of euphoria often followed by dramatic despair referred to as crashing. The physical and emotional effects of a crash can lead to a medical crisis or death. The constant danger with these drugs is no one knows what each drug or even new shipment of the same drug really contains. They are mixed by an unknown entity and every batch is different.

These unknown additives can cause other physical conditions over time. They are usually highly concentrated, making them too powerful for the body to safely process. Lung cancer is one such concern from some chemical additives.

Types of Street Drugs

Street drug categories include stimulants (or uppers), depressants (or downers) and hallucinogens. Here are a few examples of dangerous street drugs circulating around America’s neighborhoods:

Stimulants or Uppers deliver euphoria and high energy.

Cocaine; blow, Charlie, coke

Cocaine causes the typical excitability to headaches and teeth grinding. Users often suffer extreme paranoia and aggression. Overdose can lead to stroke or death.

Crack; rocks, freebase

Crack users experience the highs followed by dramatic lows. Smoking crack increases the drug’s potency 5 to 10 times over snorted cocaine.

Ice or crystal methamphetamine; crystal meth, crystals, meth, rock candy, hot ice

This drug is almost 100% pure methamphetamine. Crystal meth is more addictive and deadly than cocaine and crack. The effects can endure for 4 to 14 hours. Smoking the drug adds the danger of lung disease, in addition to the usual liver and kidney disease potential.

Ecstasy; XTC, e, MDMA, Adam

People with heart disease and asthma are at a high risk of serious consequences by using this drug. Teeth clenching is a dramatic effect of Ecstasy, in addition to seizures and panic attacks.

Methamphetamine; tik, meth, crystal, crank

Meth changes the brain chemistry and numbs the user’s moral reactions. In doing so, it is often associated with rapes and murders.

Depressants or Downers create sleepiness and delayed brain function.

Heroin; smack, mud, china white, brown sugar

Pure heroin is white so the browner the drug, the higher the impurities. It is smoked, snorted or ingested. Heroin changes to morphine, once it reaches the brain. Babies born to heroin addicts are born addicted.

Mandrax; whites, buttons

A complete and total not-a-worry-in-the-world attitude accompanies this drug. The user is basically non-functional.

Hallucinogens distort reality.

Cannabis; marijuana, dope, weed, grass, pot, hash, dagga

Marijuana contains over 246 chemicals with mind-altering tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) being the most well-known. Sinusitis, bronchitis, infertility, and lung cancer are concerning medical ramifications of marijuana use.

LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide, acid); white lightening

Despite the anticipated euphoria that attract people to these street drugs, the resulting lows are dangerous and potentially lethal. Delusions and visual hallucinations are common sought-after effects of LSD while schizophrenia and extreme depression are the downsides. Users risk overdosing and death due to the drugs’ unpredictable ingredients and effects .



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