• Sober Parties Reach Mainstream Popularity

    Partying Sober Reaches Mainstream Popularity

    Sober parties are not just for those who are in recovery, but for anyone who is looking to have a good time without drugs or alcohol. This idea has driven a couple of new companies to create a number of sober events across the country.

    Top Sober Events Hosts

    Clean Fun Network

    The first company, “Clean Fun Network” sets up events that are alcohol and drug free. Members can download an app for dating, go on day or evening trips, planned to fit the interests of the members, or enjoy the premiere events, such as cruises and travel to exotic locations.

    Costs for events in the premiere club ranges in price from $500.00 to $4400.00, depending on which trips each person is booking. A typical low-cost event is a trip to a Yankees’ game for $40.00-$80.00.

    Clean Fun Network was begun by two sober men who enjoyed business success several times, only to have their businesses decimated through drug and alcohol addiction. After gaining personal recovery, they began to work together to establish the company that now plans and provides group trips to events all over the world. In 2015, trips are planned for Puerto Rico, Big Sky Montana, Costa Rica, Chile and Granada. Regular events such as the Yankee’s games mentioned above, are less expensive and more frequently available. The range is wide and the website is easy to navigate. For more information, see check out their website.


    Another company catering to those who don’t drink and want to party is Daybreaker, where members receive an early morning yoga session and dance party for $25.00 per event. This company has spread to 5 locations in the country and offers these early morning sessions to those who want to dance, but don’t enjoy the late night club scene.

    Daybreaker’s website: Daybreaker.com serves the following cities internationally:

    • AUSTIN
    • BERLIN
    • BOSTON
    • DENVER
    • LISBON
    • LONDON
    • MIAMI
    • MUMBAI
    • NEW YORK
    • PARIS
    • SYDNEY
    • TEL AVIV
    • TOKYO

    Of these cities, only New York, San Francisco and London show to be active clubs. Other cities listed are in the process of becoming active. For more information, see Daybreaker’s website.

    Why Sober Clean Events?

    The party isn’t over when addicts and alcoholics get clean or sober. Many are in their early twenties or thirties and want to continue to enjoy active social lives with others of a similar mindset or lifestyle.

    Even those who are not in recovery can benefit from these groups. Not everyone drinks or wants to. For a non-drinker, meeting only drinkers can be a real drag. It is not fun to be in a group of people who are in various stages of drunkenness, even if they have only had one drink. People who do not drink are not interested in meeting those who do quite often. They find these events to be a refreshing change from clubs and parties where everyone is getting wasted.

    These events bring people together who may need the support of others to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol, or who are looking to meet people in ways that have not been traditionally available without drinking or drugs. These groups offer an alternative to meeting people apart from treatment settings or 12-step environments.

    In order for singles to meet others who are clean and sober is challenging. Dating sober is fraught with discomfort already, without the challenges of meeting new potential partners. Finding and meeting others who are not drinking or drugging seems impossible, if the only place you have previously met others is in clubs.

    Going to public events, such as ballgames, concerts or even travelling, can also be uncomfortable since alcohol is often sold in these venues. Going with a group of sober people offers a safe way to enjoy events that could cause a slip into relapse. However, getting a group to an event like this can be a real challenge to organize. How refreshing that today we have companies being created to serve this growing recovery population with a wide range of possibilities.

    Kelly McClanahan has an MSW in clinical social work and a CATC IV in addictions counseling. She teaches meditation and mindfulness, specializing in addiction and trauma. She also leads workshops and seminars on treatment of addictive disorders and stress reduction.

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