Sexual And Gender Identity Disorders

Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders

Sexual disorders and gender identity disorders have been discussed, defined, and studied in psychiatric circles for over a century. People with disorders were once called “deviants,” and treatments were ineffective.

Fortunately, points of view on these disorders and whether they’re even disorders at all have changed and adapted; for instance, homosexuality was once considered a sexual disorder, but this changed as social norms changed and psychiatrists studied gay men and women. A sexual “disorder” is a behavior or arousal pattern that lasts more than a few months and can result in significant stress or social problems for the patient or is not considered an expected development.

Sexual disorders can include:

  • Gender identity disorders (although the classification of these conditions as disorders is debatable)
  • Pedophilia
  • Sadism
  • Masochism
  • Sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and vaginismus

There are dozens of other disorders which can be identified and diagnosed. In many cases, treatment can help to cure a sexual disorder or to manage it. If you’re interested in seeking treatment for a person with a sexual disorder, here are a few things to keep in mind.

When Are Sexual Disorders A Problem?

Many people with sexual disorders do not classify their disorders as problematic, and for these individuals, treatment and diagnosis may not be necessary. However, it’s important to recognize the problems that can be created by sexual disorders.

This largely depends on the type of disorder. For people with arousal disorders, living with a taboo sexual arousal can be extremely uncomfortable or problematic. Sexual disorders can be dangerous for the patient and the people around him or her. They can also result in mere annoyance or confusion for the people that have them.

Sexual dysfunction can cause pain during sex, embarrassment, or feelings of vulnerability. People with sexual dysfunction may also describe themselves as inadequate and may have trouble in relationships.

As mentioned earlier, the term “transgendered disorder” is debatable and many transgendered people do not wish to change their condition. However, many would agree that transgendered people face a social stigma. This does not mean that treatment is necessary, but some psychiatrists still offer psychotherapy for transgendered patients as a means of dealing with and accepting the condition or trying to change it.

Selecting A Therapist For Sexual Or Transgender Disorders

Psychotherapy can be a very effective way to treat a sexual disorder, as therapists look to the roots of the disorder and try to determine traumatic events or other factors that led to the development of the condition. Some therapists also use psychiatric medicine when treating sexual disorders. However, it is extremely important to choose a qualified therapist when treating these conditions via any method. Any individual treating sexual disorders should have a graduate or postgraduate psychiatry degree and a history of working with these types of patients.

Psychiatrists and psychologists can give a patient the means to understand and address conditions and to change behavior when necessary. This can make it more comfortable for sexual disorder patients to act normally in social situations and to avoid the potentially negative ramifications of their disorders. For people with sexual dysfunction, psychotherapy can help to alleviate the anxiety or stress that sex creates, leading to permanent relief of conditions like vaginismus and erectile dysfunction for some patients. When treating a sexual dysfunction, you should get help from a professional. The great deal of research and experimentation performed in the psychiatric community has led to numerous treatment options, and a sexual dysfunction or disorder can usually be addressed via these methods.

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