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Rehabilitation Counseling Degree

What Is Rehabilitation Counseling And How Does It Work?

Rehabilitation counseling services are among the most popular mental health services in the United States. The purpose of rehabilitation counseling is to give an individual the tools and skills that he or she needs to work and function normally in society, despite issues and disabilities that may make normal functionality more difficult. Rehabilitation counseling can be used to treat a large number of problems, including:

  • Physical disabilities
  • Emotional disabilities
  • Mental disabilities
  • Both temporary and permanent issues

In addition, rehabilitation counseling can be used for disabilities that are either congenital (at birth) or acquired. Rehabilitation counseling services are growing in popularity, both in social programs and in professional companies who are looking for ways to help their employees functional normally despite a disability that falls into one of the categories above. They can be very helpful at making an employee more productive and more socially integrated, and rehabilitation can be great for overall mental and emotional health.

If you’re interested in rehabilitation counseling, here’s a look at a few things you’ll need to know, including the techniques of treatment and where to look for a rehabilitation counselor.

The Techniques Used by Rehab Counselors

Rehabilitation is a special field, and as one might expect, it uses a variety of special techniques. Individual and group counseling are each available, although most rehabilitation counselors will work primarily on an individual basis. Rehab counselors may provide therapy at the place of their patient’s employment, or may work with potential employers during rehabilitation to ease their patient’s movement into the work force.

Rehabilitation counselors may have very different educational backgrounds, and some will have specializations in certain areas such as mental health, mental disabilities, and physical disabilities.

Finding The Right Rehab Counselor

Rehabilitation counselors are generally very well-educated. Most have post graduate degrees in rehabilitation counseling, although sociology and relate degrees may also be helpful for rehab counselors.

If you’re looking for a rehab counselor, you should try to find one with a master’s degree in counseling, as this is the generally accepted degree necessary for general rehabilitation treatment. Ask to see the counselor’s educational background before choosing one.

You should also speak with the rehabilitation counselor to get an idea of the techniques that he or she uses to accomplish successful rehabilitation. Ask whether they have experience in the specific type of rehabilitation that you’re looking for.

The Right Certifications of a Rehab Counselor

It’s also important to use a rehab counselor who has the correct certifications. A Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) will display his or her certification prominently or will show you this certification when asked. Certification is provided by the CRCC (Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification) and is an absolute necessity for rehabilitation counseling.

If you’re interested in rehabilitation counseling for yourself or a loved one, you can contact the CRCC to find options in your area. Many larger employers who are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also provide rehabilitation counselors, all of which are certified, so if you’re looking for disability employment through a particular employer it may be a good idea to contact them directly and ask for assistance.

Many people with disabilities have a tough time finding employment or integrating properly into work environments, but rehabilitation counseling can be enormously beneficial to this end. Rehab counselors are an excellent resource, regardless of whether you or a loved one has emotional, mental, or physical disabilities, and finding the right counseling can make a big difference in a career.

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