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Private Drug Rehabilitation

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Private Drug Rehabilitation

When it comes to breaking the cycle of addiction, private drug rehabilitation is just one option available. While the ultimate goal of recovery is the same in every rehab situation, many find that the advantages of private drug rehab options exceed the drawbacks. However, since this is a highly personal decision, it’s important that you carefully evaluate both the pros and the cons that private drug treatment programs entail.

  • First, begin by wiping your mind of stereotypes and Hollywood images you may be holding regarding private drug rehabilitation centers.
  • Understand that just because private rehab programs are more comfortable, that doesn’t necessarily make them your best option.
  • Drug rehab should be about your recovery and meeting goals – recovering from the addiction and beginning anew.

The Advantages of Private Drug Rehabilitation Centers

The first benefit of private drug rehab is right there in the name – privacy. While there is less of a social stigma about drug addiction and abuse today than in past decades, not everyone wants to have his or her dirty laundry aired in public. While all aspects of healthcare are confidential, in a private drug rehab facility, additional steps are taken to protect your privacy and identity, ranging from confidentiality, undisclosed locations, low-profile advertising, etc.

After privacy, the level of amenities is often the second reason that private drug rehab clinics are preferable to their public counterparts. Pools, spa treatments, finer dining and a host of other perks are added on and allow those seeking rehabilitation to relax, unwind and eliminate many of the stressors that serve as addiction triggers.

Finally, private drug rehabilitation centers generally offer the very best when it comes to aesthetics and a beautiful environment. Some of the most coveted private rehab destinations are in Malibu, Palm Springs and high up in the remote Rocky Mountains. Florida, New York, California and states all in between have established private rehab centers that offer not just recovery but rejuvenation and hope. That being said, private drug rehabilitation doesn’t make recovery instant.

The Drawbacks of Private Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Undeniably, the biggest disadvantage of private rehab programs is their cost. While there are non-profit private drug rehabilitation centers available, they are generally the exception, not the rule. And even then, there are waiting lists and tons of hoops to jump through. At the end of the day, private drug rehabilitation can easily set you back several thousands of dollars each week. When you sit down and consider that the most effective programs last between one and three months, you can be talking about a massive chunk of change.

So, although many would prefer private drug rehab options, they simply aren’t practical in typical, day-to-day situations. Second to price, the next drawback of private rehab programs can be those who are in rehab with you. In order for most drug rehab programs to succeed, you must establish a sense of connection and community with those that are in the program with you. If you can afford this option but aren’t comfortable rubbing elbows with folks who are from a very different socio-economic background, you might want to look into a holistic rehab program with slightly less mainstream appeal.

Finally, while the location can serve as an advantage, the more remote and harder to find locations of private rehab facilities can also be a drawback. After all, what good is knowing that the treatments are available if you can’t reach them?

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