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Price Of Alcohol Abuse Treatment

A difficult question

No one wants to reduce their own health, or that of a loved one, to a mere financial figure. Nonetheless the question of cost can present addicts and their families with some difficult choices.

Financial issues in addiction therapy

  • Matching a program to an addict.
  • Finding the best resources at the most manageable cost.
  • Additional help.

Before considering cost

One of the worst forms of false economy is to try to fit an addict into the cheapest form of therapy, whether that form is appropriate to the patient or not. Like buying a shirt because it’s cheap, rather than because it fits and suits the work you’ll be doing, picking a low-price therapy and hoping it will do what’s needed is a bad gamble.

Many institutions charge only a minimal amount for an initial consultation to help determine the needs of the addict. Referral services, while less capable of diagnostic advice, have long experience of their own in matching a client to an appropriate program. Whatever route you go, learn what type of treatment is needed before even considering cost.

After diagnosis and choice of treatment

After an addict has been diagnosed and evaluated, and an optimal treatment has been selected, it becomes time to consider cost. Unfortunately treatment costs can vary by thousands of dollars. Cost is not always an indicator of quality.

If a referral service might have helped previously, such a service can make all the difference in the world to you at this stage. More than any other resources, a capable referral service has a sense of what legitimate programs are available, what their pricing structures are, and what services provide various forms of pro-bono service or needs-based pricing.

As a referral services helps narrow down choices for you, you can then proceed to the selected services to discover what specific pricing would pertain in your particular case, and what methods of cost management could be brought into play. A good program will be able in many cases to offer choices: support groups associated with the program, for example, and public 12-step programs doing similar work. The first would often carry a program charge; the second would be free or would cost only a minimal amount for participation.

Work back and forth between the referral agency and the individual programs: between them you should be able to develop a realistic sense of what your own programs are going to cost.

If you are lucky, you may have a form of insurance that can bring addiction therapy into the range of your budget. Unfortunately, policies that cover addiction are comparatively few, and can be difficult to qualify for.

Public service and charitable resources

If, even after working with a good referral agency, you haven’t been able to work out a cost you or your family can reasonably shoulder, it’s time to see if the government or local charitable institutions can provide help. Both government and charitable institutions offer a range of possible forms of help. In some cases they maintain programs of their own, and can offer those in need full treatment. Where that’s not possible they can, in many instances, offer financial aid to those in need.

Assembling the perfect package

To bring all the various information together in a clear and sensible package, you should draw one final time on a good referral agency. By trusting professionals with a wide knowledge of the field you have hope for getting the best program for you, at a price that can be managed.

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