When we are feeling under the weather, visiting a physician or doctor seems to be the obvious choice. During these examinations, professionals are able to recommend proper treatment and usually prescribe helpful medications. If we make the personal choice to avoid these types of medical treatment, our health is sure to suffer. However, avoiding medical treatment is much more of a choice for some than it is for others. For some, receiving medical treatment can be absolutely terrifying and a catalyst for anxiety attacks. Pharmacophobia is a fear of medication, usually pills or injections, that can cause a person severe panic attacks and usually leads to an avoidance of all medical professionals.

Symptoms of Pharmacophobia

Pharmacophobia can refer to a fear of more than just general medical treatment. Commonly expressed fears seen in people battling this condition are:

Causes of Pharmacophobia

The cause of pharmacophobia is widely debated among the medical community and is commonly traced back to a single traumatic event, usually experienced at an early age. These triggering events could be combined with a disarrangement of a person’s internal functions, such as an imbalanced brain chemistry. Causes can also be due to hereditary factors, in which a person could contract the phobia genetically. Hereditary causes can also include the installment of the fear through discourse or upbringing. For example, a pharmacophobic father may raise his daughter parallel to his own beliefs, causing her to grow up with a similar fear of medicine or medical treatment.

If this condition remains untreated, it will gradually increase throughout a person’s lifetime. Pharmacophobic people are not likely to seek medical treatment for their ailments, which could lead to a drop in physical health, mental health or hygiene. If forced to undergo serious medical treatment, pharmacophobic people are also unlikely to treat themselves properly following the procedure due to their severe fears.

Treatment of Pharmacophobia

Living through life with a fear of medication can lead to serious health problems and improper treatment of serious medical conditions. If you are looking for a way to help overcome your pharmacophia, do some early research to find out which treatment options will best suit your lifestyle and provide the best chance on helping you conquer your feels. Visit with a medical professional to best plan your course of action and consider asking a friend or family member to help aid you through your treatment. Incorporating a loved one into this process usually eases tension and provides external motivation for success.

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