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Peyote Addiction Treatment

Peyote – A Traditional Drug

There are many people who have used and treasured peyote, both those in the American Indian cultural traditions and those outside. A small, spineless stone cactus, the peyote is most commonly sold and used in dry, sliced form (buttons) or as a powdered dust sold as mescaline. Peyote is a mild hallucinogen, and is non-addictive physically, though occasionally additive psychologically.

Peyote discussion:

Peyote’s strength and effects are unpredictable, dependant on many variables. Peyote and its derivative, mescaline, have few recognized complications or dangers. While some may experience vivid, multi-sense hallucinations using very little peyote, others may not experience anything but nausea and discomfort, even ingesting large volumes.

What is the Difference between Types of Addiction?

The difference between physical and psychological addiction is complex, but there are three basic considerations. A physical addiction causes an actual physical craving, often after very few uses. A physical addiction causes a severe withdrawal response – often a dangerous and painful reaction with agonizing physical and emotional symptoms. A physical addiction permanently alters the body, often on a complex molecular level. A psychological addiction is an ordinary habit, not radically different from the engrained habits a skilled driver develops that functions almost automatically. Trained habits, however, are not the same as medical addictions.

Most medical addictions actually involve both forms of addiction, each reinforcing the other. Psychological addictions are perpetuated through positive reinforcement: we develop habits because the action rewards us in some other way. Peyote addiction is a psychological addiction with relatively few medical complications, and can therefore be dealt with through basic behavior modification methods and counseling of various sorts.

Behavior Modification and Habit Control Counseling

Behavior modification is a near-constant in drug therapies for both forms of addiction. The method is a collection of techniques largely drawn from B.F. Skinner’s Behavioral Psychology. The core consists of methods of conditioning the mind and body to new habits of behavior.

Habit control counseling can come in many forms. Professionals from the highest levels of therapy to the simplest level involving certified or licensed non-psychological counselors all do various forms of habit control counseling. These forms of counseling are applied to serious issues that are responsive to direct and goal-oriented treatment.

is a common, supportive therapy often used for habit change. A carefully licensed and regulated form of therapy practiced on many levels of counseling, hypnotherapy can offer much help when eliminating old habits and replacing them with new ones.

Finding the Perfect Counseling

If you or someone you know has come too close to heavy peyote use, finding a therapist, counselor or hypnotherapist can be simple and easily accomplished. There are many referral services available to those seeking help. A call to a hospital, clinic, or to your own doctor will often put you in touch with reliable, respected practitioners. Religious institutions, 12-step organizations, even schools maintain lists of trusted professionals they’re willing to endorse.

Finally, a patient can choose to work with a professional referral service. These services, in many cases, have already taken on the hard work of checking the training, professional history and background of the counselors and practices they recommend, saving you several layers of confirmation. They can also often recommend particular practitioners for particular types of work, knowing areas of specialization and having their own records of who has worked well for what clients. By making the most of the options open, a peyote habit can be controlled and eliminated.

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