Pedophobia, sometimes also called pediaphobia, is generally described as the fear or dislike of children. Sometimes the term pediophobia is also used in this category, although pediophobia is usually described as a fear of dolls and other inanimate objects that are representative of sentient beings. Pedophobia can be described as a form of anxiety that a person experiences when around children, and can be rooted in past experiences.

Symptoms of Pedophobia

Pedophobia is not just a general discomfort around children, or a tendency to stay away from them, but is a psychiatric diagnosis that can also be related to kinds of anxiety. Symptoms of pedophobia include:

  • Feel anxious or that you are panicking
  • Feel scared or terrorized
  • Have feelings of dread
  • Experience physical changes like increased heartbeat, shortness of breath and/or trembling
  • Feel nauseous
  • Take extreme measures to avoid being around or involved with children

Causes of Pedophobia?

Like many psychiatric disorders, the cause of pedophobia isn’t known. Experts believe that some cases of pedophobia arise in adults who have had bad or traumatic experiences as children with other children, causing an anxiety and adverse reaction to children to develop. Some people feel the blatant honesty or frankness children often have can embarrass them. Some people assume children are troublemakers and cause higher rates of crime. Causes for pedophobia aren’t specifically known, but it’s safe to say that it is rooted in personal experience that has had an effect on the psyche.

Common Facts About Pedophobia

Pedophobia, like other irrational reactions toward a specific group of people, can be dangerous because negative feelings toward any group of people are not ideal in our society. Children now will be responsible for our society and world in the future, and the better we treat them, the better adjusted and successful they will be.

Pedophobia is dangerous because the person who experiences it feels anxiety, panic, nausea, and other harmful mental and physical effects. Because children will be encountered inevitably, they feel incredibly uncomfortable almost anywhere. Simply avoiding all situations that include children will not fix the problem, but make it worse.

Treatment of Pedophobia

If you feel this kind of anxiety around children, it’s important to seek help. Professional help from a therapist can ease your anxiety, help you get to the root of the cause, and enable you to live a normal, anxiety-free life. Children can be troublesome at times, but anyone with their own children or nieces and nephews, for example, knows that they can also enrich life, show us new perspectives and bring us joy. If we can influence children in a positive way, they can help to make our world a better place as they grow older. By showing children their worth and potential, we eliminate the vicious cycle of self-esteem rooted trouble.

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