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Opium Rehab Costs

What is Opium?

Opium is a drug that gives its users an intense euphoric high, along with a feeling of complete relaxation, free from any sort of physical or psychological pain. Due to this intense feeling, opium can be very addicting, both physically and psychologically. From opium come other drugs, such as morphine and heroine, which have equally addictive properties and give the user the same sort of high.

Opium is the least potent and the crudest form of all the opiates. It is derived from the milky latex fluid contained in the unripened seedpod of the opium poppy and once this fluid is exposed to air it hardens and turns black in color. Opium can be smoked, ingested or injected.

Signs someone may be dependent on opium:

  • They are constantly craving opium
  • Always thinking about when and where the next high will come from
  • They lost interest in life and personal relationships
  • Suffer financial downfalls
  • Develop a physical dependence on opium

An opium addiction can be a life altering issue; this is why it is important to seek help. Drug addiction can be seen as a prevalent problem throughout our society. Many people who suffer from a drug, or opiate, addiction want help and want to get better, which is why they seek professional help at drug rehabilitation centers.

Cost of Opium Drug Rehab

According to a study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration it usually costs a little over $1400 for outpatient rehabilitation treatment, nearly $4,000 for residential drug rehabilitation treatment programs and a little over $7,000 for outpatient treatment with methadone.

Since opium addicts develop such a strong physical dependency on the drug, they need more help during treatment, which is why rehab centers use methadone. Methadone is a synthetic drug similar to morphine, but less addicting, and it’s used to wean opiate addicts off of drugs such as opium or heroin. It helps with the pain and the withdrawal symptoms. Methadone also adds to the cost of rehab.

Although rehab seems expensive, in the long run it would be cheaper then a life of drug abuse. Continued use of opium is not only expensive, but it also takes a toll on a person’s physical, psychological and emotional well-being. Opiate abuse can ruin relationships and drain bank accounts, which is why rehab is the more cost-effective option.

Types of Opium Drug Rehabilitation Centers

When it comes to drug rehab centers, there are many different types that a person can choose, one type being luxury rehab centers. At these top-rated rehabilitation centers patients are offered many amenities such as Pilates, yoga, acupuncture, psychotherapy and even hypnotherapy. But these high-end rehabilitation centers come at a cost, for example, the Beau Monde rehabilitation centers, with locations in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach and the Hollywood Hills, costs patients up to $96,000 per month.

On the other end of the spectrum there are many free or low cost options. Some insurance companies will cover some of the cost, or all of the cost of certain drug rehab centers, which is why it’s best to check with your insurance company before you make your decision on a rehab center. Also, some drug treatment centers are trying to help families offset the cost of rehab by partnering with private lenders to provide payment plans for the cost of treatment.

Opium Detoxification

Treatment for opium addiction starts with detox. This is usually one of the most difficult parts of treatment because opium users have such a physical dependence on the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe, which is why it’s best to go through detox under medical supervision. After detox the treatment begins, which can be different at every drug rehab facility, but usually consists of individual and group therapy sessions.

It is hard to overcome an addiction and it is even harder to do it alone, which is why rehab is very beneficial because you are surrounded by people who are in the same situation as you. Don’t let financial reasons discourage you from seeking help; there are many free or low cost options that you can find. And in the long run, rehab will only better your life by saving you financially, physically and psychologically.

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