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Online Psychology

Finding an Online Psychologist

For many people the potential of finding an online psychologist or counselor allows the possibility of treatment when no other option was available. Online treatment and counseling allows people to overcome distance, phobias, handicaps, and other issues that could interfere with the availability of professional counseling.

Concerns and Check Points

  • Determine the correct form of counseling for your needs
  • Check the qualifications and professional standing of candidates
  • Ensure your security, create a paper trail
  • Find help along the way

Making the Right First Choice

Before anything else, take the time to review the wide range of services and counseling available to you online these days. By doing this first evaluation you increase the odds of choosing the right service for your personal needs. In many instances “counselors” are lower level specialists in career or crisis counseling, offering short-term or hot-line style help. If you are facing a crisis, or in need of career advice or financial help, these services may apply to you. On the other hand, if you are looking for serious psychological counseling through the medium of computer exchange, you will have to take the time to explore further, going past the common run of “counseling” and looking for serious practitioners aiming at online clientele.

Checking Credentials

As with all things pertaining to the net, the first thing you’ll need to do is check for fakes, frauds, and quacks. The very elements that make the internet a superb venue for real psychiatric exchange – the privacy, the ability to record exchanges for future reference, the ease of access – all make it a popular hunting ground for crooks and con artists. When you find a potential care provider, be sure to check their credentials with such groups as the Better Business Bureau, the APA (American Psychological Association), state and federal licensing boards, and others should be in a position to help you determine if your chosen counselor is legitimate.

A true counselor should be licensed and acknowledged by their professional association. There should be no outstanding findings of malpractice.

Protect Yourself

Even when you are satisfied your chosen counselor is legitimate, licensed, and ethical, it’s wise to cover yourself. Keep a record of all interactions, including a personal record of sessions. Maintain copies of contracts, receipts of financial exchanges. Back up digital information, making use of both hard recording systems and cloud computing to keep a valuable record of your time, expenses, and interactions.

Finding Help

If you are concerned with the process of finding skilled professional online help, consider making use of a professional referral agency. Agencies such as this specialize in running the kind of preliminary checks you require before trusting an online professional with your inner secrets. In many instances they can save you hours of time, and possible wrong choices, by immediately connecting you with an array of qualified professionals. In rare instances they may be able to negotiate an online relationship with one of their otherwise non-computer-focused professionals, if they believe a good match exists.

By making good use of professional referral resources, from recommendations from your own medical provider to the many qualified practitioners available through agencies, you can increase your overall security while shortening the time you spend searching for and clearing possibilities cold.

Once you are satisfied with your choice, and have made arrangements, you will soon be engaging in therapy and counseling online, realizing the ease, security, and intimacy allowed while still maintaining proper barriers. The possibilities implied by this new media for therapy are enormous.

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