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Mushrooms Addiction Treatment

Possible Psychological Addiction

Hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms, known by a variety of nicknames, including “magic mushrooms,” come from several species of mushroom. The most common, however, are a group from the genus psilocybe. These small, slender mushrooms, similar to those growing in many lawns and gardens, contain potent and sometimes dangerous hallucinogenic chemicals. They are not known to be physically addictive, and are not substantially reported as being psychologically addictive. Drug abuse, however, is more common.

Aspects of mushroom addiction that should be discussed:

The Nature of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are valued for their hallucinogenic properties. They are a natural product capable of producing intense hallucinations, and they can exert a powerful and dangerous effect on those who use them: in some they can cause potentially deadly reactions. More dangerous is the ease with which psilocybin mushrooms can be confused with deadly mushrooms. Psilocybins are what are occasionally referred to as LBMs, or “little brown mushrooms.” The term is used because there are so very many of them, with very few clear and easily recognized physical differences. Some LBMs are safe, some are nauseating, some are hallucinogenic, and some are quite deadly.

The greatest immediate danger of using psilocybin mushrooms is accidental ingestion of a deadly mushroom. Mushrooms should always be considered suspect: errors are easily made even by skilled collectors, and reactions can be fast and severe. If you have a negative reaction to a mushroom, including cramps, nausea, headache, or tremors, be prepared to go to an emergency room immediately with a sample of the mushrooms. Time may be critical in a case of mushroom poisoning.

Why People Use Psilocybin Mushrooms

The hallucinations caused by psilocybin mushrooms can be extremely powerful, but seldom harmful. Visual senses are disrupted, as are other senses. Though the dangers associated with bad mushrooms are real, those who use more often experience a high of varying intensities.

Because the mushrooms grow naturally without culture, and can be gathered in the wild, there’s also an element of hobby naturalism at work in the use of mushrooms, and equally a frugality. For those who wish to develop the refined identification skills, some pride can be involved in finding, confirming, and preparing psilocybin mushrooms independently.

The many elements of pleasure in mushroom gathering and use can all come together to support abuse and addiction. Psychological addictions, unlike physical addictions, are born in the subjective experience of using a substance: the more ways a substance provides pleasure, and the more habitual, ritual structures the processing and use maintain, the more support an addiction can receive. These truths don’t make magic mushrooms more or less addictive than any other pleasing substance, but they do mean that if an addiction is developed, the nature of the harvest and preparation can reinforce addictive patterns.

Treatment for Mushroom Addiction and Mushroom Abuse

There are no specific programs or counseling systems for psilocybin abuse. Those who feel they are abusing rather than using psilocybin mushrooms can contact able counselors to help them control habitual or compulsive behavior. There are many capable counselors who can offer sound and valuable support in shifting the habits and assumptions formed by users, as they choose to withdraw from use.

To find a counselor who best serves your needs, or those of your family, be sure to get a counselor through one of the many referral services available to you. These services can put you in contact with the best, most respected programs, clinics and counselors in minutes.

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