Mental Health Counseling

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

Mental health counseling has been around since the 1970s, and in the decades that have passed the field has seen explosive growth. Not only are more and more individuals pursuing degrees and certifications as mental health counselors, more and more individuals suffering from mental health problems are rising above the perceived stigmas in search of freedom and a higher quality of life. Indeed, mental health counselors and therapists are turned to as a solution for a number of issues and mental health disorders, including:

Moreover, mental health counseling solutions are also sought for a number of more day-to-day issues including career concerns, martial issues, parenting problems, wellness issues and educational decision making.

What Mental Health Counseling is Not

Mental health counselors work in a variety of situations, ranging from individuals to families to other groups, both online and off-line. Their number one priorities are to identify, address and then to deal with emotional and mental disorders with an overall goal of promoting general mental health. Not only do mental health counseling professionals work to address existing problems, their methods are also targeted toward preventing future issues and disorders by dealing not just with the symptoms, but the causes of many mental health problems.

Although they have been known to team up, mental health counselors are not: social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists or nurse practitioners. While mental health counseling services do use a psycho-educational approach in their counseling work, their method is more or less grounded in what is known as Developmental Theory, versus a more medical model.

This means that mental health counseling operates from a more holistically-focused point-of-view as opposed to a more pharmaceutical or medical standpoint. That stated, despite the distinctions, mental health counseling can not only diagnose mental disorders or illnesses, but successfully treat them as well.

Greater Mental Health Awareness Yields Greater Mental Health Resources

Although dealing with mental health disorders like phobias, body image disorders, anxiety issues, depression or dementia can make sufferers feel isolated and alone, the fact is that an estimated 25% of the population of North America suffer from some form of diagnosable (and therefore treatable) mental health issues annually. Fortunately, as more and more individuals find the strength to rise above the potential stigma of the situation in search of long-term solutions for their problems, there is a growing awareness of the impact mental health issues have on social, economic and even political ideology.

As more and more people come forward to honestly assess their state of mental health and identify areas of pain and suffering, just as many professionals are entering the scene with the specialized training and resources necessary to provide the relief and treatment options that can make a lasting difference in the lives of millions of Americans.

Mental Health Counselors Offer Specialized Services Covered by Most Insurance Plans

While mental health counseling is largely a product of modern medicine, in the recent past, it has gone “main-stream.” Although most mental health counselors begin with a generalized degree, as time passes and their own experiences and strengths rise to the service, many of them specialize in a particular area or branch of mental health. Some work specifically with adolescents or teens. Others focus their attention on couples’ therapy. Still others zero in on addiction or substance abuse. Ultimately, it does not take a whole lot of searching to find a credentialed and qualified mental health professional that is prepared to team up with you to restore you to a healthy, balanced state of mind.

Furthermore, mental health counseling services are widely covered by the majority of American insurance plans, assuming you are referred through the proper channels and networks.

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