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Mental Health Counseling Degree

What Is Counseling And How Does It Help?

Mental health counselors are professionals who offer treatment to patients suffering from mental health issues or who want to improve their overall mental health through therapy, psychoanalysis, and education. Mental health counselors can offer a number of benefits to their patients, including:

  • An enhanced understanding of mental disorders
  • One on one treatment that addresses individual issues
  • Career and life counseling
  • A holistic approach to mental health

It’s important to understand that mental health counseling is not the same thing as psychology or psychiatry, and you’ll receive very different services from a mental health counselor than what you’d receive from another mental health professional. If you’ve never used the services of a mental health counselor, here’s a look at what they provide and how they’re different from other mental health professionals like social workers, psychiatrists, and sociologists–and how to choose a mental health counselor if you’ve decided to seek treatment.

The Differences Between Mental Health Counselors And Psychologists

There are a number of ways in which mental health counselors are different from psychologists and psychiatrists. Their focus is more educational and holistic, meaning that they take an all-around approach to mental health. While individual problems may be treated by a mental health counselor, prevention is a key element of their services and an important part of their treatment plans.

Patients who seek mental health counseling can receive trained treatment and therapeutic techniques for a very wide variety of issues. Some of the more common issues addressed by mental health professionals include substance abuse, depression, anxiety, mental disorders, emotional disorders, and personal improvement.

Finding A Mental Health Counselor That Works For You

If you’re looking for a mental health counselor, it’s important to find a professional who has been fully trained and certified. Mental health counselors use a variety of intensive therapeutic techniques, including one on one and group counseling, and to learn these techniques, they’ll need an appropriate education. They should have an accredited graduate degree at a mental health school or a college with a mental health program. They should also have extensive experience in the issue that you’re trying to address; for instance, if you’re looking for a mental health counselor for a substance abuse problem, it’s essential to look for a mental health counselor who has provided these services to other patients in the past and who has a history of successful treatment. Try to speak with the mental health counselor and ask about their experience and how they treat various issues.

In many cases, one mental health counselor may refer you to another who has more experience in a certain field of interest. A substance abuse counselor may refer you to a mental health counselor with experience in emotional disorders, for instance, if this is found to be a factor in your mental health. However, due to the all-encompassing nature of mental health counseling, it may be very possible to receive counseling from a single individual for any mental health problems and issues that you want to address.

Check with the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) for more information about mental health counselors in your area and to find a licensed mental health counselor that provides the services that you’re looking for. The AMHCA is the preeminent mental health counseling organization in the United States and an excellent place to start looking for a counselor that can help you address your problems and develop a holistic approach to overall mental health.

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