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Marriage Counseling Degree

Revolutionizing Your Relationship With Marriage Counseling

Although every marriage encounters rough patches over the years, left unchecked, small and simple problems can grow to disastrous proportions. Because these issues can escalate when ignored or dwelt upon, taking your problems to a third-party, objective professional can help remedy relationships that are on the rocks. As such a solution, marriage counseling is great not just to deal with problems when they already exist, but also as a preventative measure that can address tough topics and issues BEFORE they manifest. This is why so many states mandate pre-marital counseling to combat depressing divorce rates and disastrous after effects left in their wake.

  • Marriage counseling can inject new hope and harmony for troubled couples
  • Marriage counseling allows couples to vent and seek outside advice and solutions from objective professionals
  • Marriage counseling helps shield children and loves ones from the side effects of struggling relationships

When to Seek the Services of a Marriage Counselor

While most marriage counseling is undertaken by both partners, it’s not unheard of for one member of the relationship to “go it alone.” While every case is unique, there are a number of common circumstances that may lead you to pursue marriage counseling, including issues with communication, sexual difficulties, differences in opinion about child rearing, meeting the challenges of the blended family, substance abuse, financial issues, anger, infidelity or the desire for a divorce. Marriage counseling is also popular (and in some instances, mandated) for couples who haven’t yet gotten married but are currently engaged or living together and considering taking the next step in their relationship. Still other couples may decide to get involved with marriage counseling simply to strengthen their relationship, without any problem or issue emerging to take the spotlight.

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Therapist

Even if everyone agrees that you need or should pursue marriage counseling, it’s critical that you don’t just randomly pick the first marriage counselor you come across. Instead, you should both work together to come up with important criteria that you expect your chosen therapist to bring to the table. This means that you should ask questions about things like education and experience, where the office is located, what hours they operate, other methods of counseling offered in addition to traditional services, how treatment emerges, how much you’ll pay and whether or not your health insurance plan will help you offset some of these costs. Since you’ll be footing the bill for your therapy, it’s crucial that you take the time out to do your homework and insure that you’re getting the most for your money.

Getting the Most Out of Marriage Counseling

While a marriage counselor can help you solve your problems, they can’t solve them for you. If you’re seriously considering marriage counseling in an effort to salvage your relationship, there are a few things that you can do to help increase your likelihood of success. You can first acknowledge that there is a problem that exists and needs to be addressed and solved. Then, you can fess up to the fact that in at least some way, you might be contributing to or aggravating the problem at hand. Next, you can be willing to consider that you may need to make modifications to your thinking patters or your behavior AND be willing to monitor your expectations to make sure that they’re realistic. Finally, you can embrace patience and understand that these problems didn’t emerge overnight, so they won’t be solved that rapidly either.

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