Marital Therapy

Is it Right for You

Marital therapy is a type of relationship therapy that is specifically designed for married couples. Marital therapy is a very large field, and therapists use a variety of techniques in the treatment of hundreds of different issues.

Problems addressed in marital therapy sessions might include:

  • Regular arguments
  • Fundamental disagreements
  • Marital infidelity
  • Dishonesty

Other problems may also be addressed. In general, if a married couple fears that their marriage might be in jeopardy, they will often pursue marital therapy or counseling. However, marital therapy is not just for couples who are considering divorce or couples who have serious relationship issues. It can be a very effective way to treat almost any problem in a relationship, and marital therapy early in a marriage can result in better communication between both partners and can give individuals the tools that they need to successfully resolve the inevitable problems that arise in a typical marriage.

If you’ve been thinking about marital therapy, consider speaking with a licensed therapist and your spouse to discuss the issue, and make sure that you understand the techniques that go into successful marital therapy treatment.

What is Marriage Therapy and Why is it Useful?

Although there are many different techniques used in marriage therapy sessions, all of these techniques generally follow established concepts of psychiatry and sociology. Most therapists focus on the development of interpersonal skills to make the relationship stronger. Problems are addressed either one-on-one between an individual and the therapist or with both partners in the room. Some therapists also use group therapy to treat certain types of marital issues.

As marital therapy focuses on good communication between partners and an open atmosphere, it can be a very good way to give marriage partners the tools they need to deal with their own problems. In many cases, after a few months of therapy, further marital therapy is no longer necessary. However, this will vary according to the specific situation and the issues being treated. Ultimately, all treatment options are up to the therapist, which is why it’s very important to pick a knowledgeable, licensed individual.

Finding the Right Marital Therapist can be a great resource for couples looking for a good marriage therapist. The professionals listed by this organization have a history in treating relationship issues and fulfill the educational requirements of the organization.

You should also try to find as much information as possible about degrees and other certifications that the therapist has. Marriage therapists should generally have a background in psychology or sociology of some type. Most couples will prefer working with a therapist who has a long history of treating couples and their relationship issues; it’s therefore good to ask questions about the therapist’s experience. Therapists will not be able to give references from other patients, but you might be able to find references from other doctors and therapists that can make it much easier to decide on a certain professional marriage therapist. You should also ask about fees. Many marriage therapists charge fairly low hourly rates or charge based on income, making their services easy to afford.

There is absolutely no shame in marital counseling and therapy. If you’re considering marriage therapy, look for an experienced professional to help you through the first steps and to prepare you for your first session. With the right professional, marriage therapy can help you make your marriage happier, healthier, and less stressful for both partners. It’s an ideal form of relationship therapy that addresses the unique challenges of married life.

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