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How Does the Pot Vape Pen Work?

A marijuana vape pen is a sleek, handheld marijuana vaporizer that delivers a strong concentration of the drug to the user. It looks much like an e-cigarette in size and shape.

How It Works

The vape pen is lithium-ion battery powered. It vaporizes concentrated marijuana, or hash oil. Hash oil is a thick yellow resin extracted from the marijuana plant. It looks like honey.

An important note is that normal smoking apparatus bring temperatures to over 1000°, which by sheer heat can cause residue in the lungs. The vape pen functions at a much lower temperature.

It slowly heats the oil to 350 to 400°, which results in a pure form of vapor. When the user takes a hit from the vape pen, the oil is turned into vapor. The user inhales the vaporized drug to attain a high.

Benefits of a Vaping?

Supporters of vaping purported a few benefits when compared to smoking a traditional joint:

  • Vaping is the purest form of smoking. It causes the least harmful effects on the body.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychochemical in the marijuana plant. It is responsible for the majority of marijuana’s psychological effects. According to some researchers, vaporized tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is safer for medicinal use than inhaling smoked marijuana.
  • The vape pen is small and easy to hide or conceal. It does not carry the stigma of smoking a joint.
  • There is no smoke or fire from a vape pen. Vaporized hash oil does not have any odor. This can be a benefit and a risk. It can be a benefit for the user because the pen can be used so discreetly. It is also a risk factor because the user can use and abuse the drug more often than those around them realize.

Dangers and Risks of the Marijuana Vape Pen

THC, the psychoactive chemical in the marijuana plant, is much stronger with a vape pen. Marijuana flowers contain up to 20 percent THC but the concentrate or hash oil used in the vape pen contains up to 90 percent THC, which is a dangerously high amount.

Users can pass out with a single inhalation on vape pen because there is no way of telling how much THC is delivered with each hit.

The hash oil resin or dab can be made at home by soaking marijuana in a chemical solvent to extract the resin. The solvents are flammable and have caused a dramatic amount of property damage and bodily harm to some users. In keeping with the same risk factor, there has been an uptick of explosions in home settings across the country.

The vapor does not have any odor so can go undetected in most environments, even in a classroom setting. This allows the user to consume the drug too discreetly making it more attractive to young users. Marijuana vape pen use among high school aged kids has doubled in just one year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 10% of high school students admit to using a vape pen. To put that in perspective, about half of all students try marijuana, at least once, before graduating from high school.

One point that is made about the use of a vape pen is that it uses a concentrated form of hash oil. So which is worse, using a concentrated form that hits hard or increasing the volume of the drug smoked? Either means of use carries its own dangers.

Is the Vape Pen Approved?

The sale and use of a vape pen is allowed in every state, usually in a smoke shop setting or online. They cost an average of $75 each, depending upon the style and features selected.

California is considering banning the use of vape pens but Colorado and Washington State freely allow them. In fact, Colorado law states that legalized marijuana allows adults 21 and older to process the drug so producing hash oil at home is currently legal in this state, despite the dangers.



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