Male Erectile Disorder

Male Erectile Disorder, sometimes shortened to E.D., is a problem affecting many men and the intimate relationships in which they are involved. Male Erectile Disorder is diagnosed when a man is unable to keep an adequate erection for long enough to successfully start or conclude a sexual act. However, Male Erectile Disorder is only diagnosed when the physical problem is causing greater stress in interpersonal relationships, is recurring and is not caused by the use of drugs or a different psychological disorder.

Common Symptoms of Male Erectile Disorder include:

  • Consistent, reoccurring inability to gain or maintain an erection
  • Achieving an erection, but losing it during the course of sexual activity
  • Marked stress and dissatisfaction in relationships
  • When the above symptoms are not in conjunction with the use of substances
  • When the above symptoms are not in conjunction with another, nonsexual psychological disorder

What Causes Male Erectile Disorder?

Male E.D. is a physical problem, but it also has psychological and emotional implications and complications. Erectile Disorder has been associated with anxiety, stress, depression and other mental disorders. It’s important to note that Erectile Disorder is only diagnosed when the lack of sexual performance causes stress in personal relationships. Erectile Disorder is often diagnosed in conjunction with other illnesses mentioned earlier such as anxiety, but Erectile Disorder is not usually diagnosed when the problem is better accounted for by other conditions. E.D. can be the result of aging, cancers, unhealthy lifestyle, surgeries, etc. If the physical problem is not causing any interpersonal issues, then it’s okay. But if it is, it’s important to seek help for the problem.

Treatment for Male Erectile Disorder

Depending on the cause of your individual case of Male Erectile Disorder, treatment options vary. Often times, creating a healthier lifestyle with plenty of aerobic exercise is a good way to reduce occurrences of E.D. There are also medications on the market such as Viagra and Cialis that are designed to help erectile function. Surgical procedures are sometimes performed, and devices called “penis pumps” design specifically for E.D. are sometimes used. If the problem originates in a psychological issue such as depression or anxiety, it is best the seek therapy from a professional. Lessening or completely eliminating the use of substances such as drugs and alcohol can also greatly help. Each case of Male Erectile Disorder is different, so it’s important to talk to your doctor before beginning any treatment.

What Should You Do?

If Male Erectile Disorder is negatively affecting your life, it’s vital to seek help. Not only will you reduce the tensions in your personal relationships, but you will gain a stronger sense of confidence and most likely, a healthier lifestyle. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to your doctor about your problem; he/she is there to help you without judgment. Once you have spoken to your doctor, you can decide which treatment option(s) will work best for you, and begin your journey to a more satisfying sexual experience and lifestyle.

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