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LSD Addiction Treatment

When LSD Addiction Treatment Is Necessary

LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) addiction can be rare and difficult for some people to imagine, but as is the case with any hallucinogenic drug, there are a large number of addicts and also a large number of treatment programs designed to help them overcome their dependence on the drug. LSD, often simply called “acid,” creates a feeling of euphoria in users, followed by hallucinations. One of the major dangers of acid is its potential for overdose, as addicts will take large amounts of LSD in order to get and stay high.

Some of the long term side effects of acid include:

  • Feelings of fatigue, paranoia, or depression
  • “Acid flashbacks,” in which segments of trips are re-experienced by the regular acid user even after the drug has completely worn off
  • Strange behavior and drastic personality changes

Apart from the significant physical side effects of LSD, the drug is illegal and possession can result in conviction and incarceration. Because of this, many family members and friends seek LSD addiction treatment when they notice the signs of addiction, and some addicts occasionally seek help to quit using acid from specialized treatment centers. If you or someone you know needs LSD addiction treatment, it’s important to seek the advice of a doctor or therapist right away.

How LSD Addiction Treatment Works

LSD is not a physically addictive drug, but as it provides a feeling of euphoria and hallucinations, it’s often used regularly by individuals with emotional or mental disorders and issues. The need to escape from reality is one of the biggest reasons that LSD users become addicts.

Successful LSD addiction treatment programs start by finding out the reasons for addiction. A qualified therapist or a doctor with a background in addiction medicine is very helpful to this end, as they’re often able to notice signs of other conditions such as depression.

Once the underlying cause of addiction is discovered, it can be treated and the LSD addiction should go away. However, this process can take several months. In-patient treatment is sometimes necessary for severe LSD addiction. In-patient treatment programs can be very pleasant, however, as a nurturing environment is used to keep the addict calm and give him the tools necessary to avoid drug use in the future.

Finding Help for LSD Addicts and Spotting the Signs of Acid Addiction

The signs of LSD addiction can be difficult to notice. Acid users can easily conceal the small “tabs” used to take the drug, which appear to be nothing more than tiny slips of printed paper. However, addicts will begin to act strangely immediately after taking LSD and will continue to behave abnormally for several days. They may become withdrawn and work or school performance will suffer. Some LSD addicts will begin using other drugs during or between acid trips to feed their need to escape from reality.

As is the case with many types of drug addiction, total cessation of LSD use is necessary for successful treatment. This can be very difficult to do alone, so getting help from a specialized facility is important. Narcotics Anonymous (often abbreviated as NA) provides information on LSD addiction treatment and can be a very helpful organization to consult. The organization also provides services for families, friends, and spouses who are seeking treatment for loved ones.

When you know that LSD addiction is a problem, look for treatment as soon as possible. Finding quick treatment is essential given the unpredictable nature of LSD and the serious effects that the drug can have on users.

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