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Long Term Drug Rehabilitation

Why Long Term Drug Rehab Is Necessary

Long-term drug rehabilitation is a necessary part of any addict’s treatment. While short term treatment like detoxification and a stay in an inpatient addiction facility can treat the physical dependency caused by drugs, the roots of psychological dependency are often much deeper. Long-term drug rehabilitation helps an addict to treat his or her addiction for years to come, long after drug use has stopped, and prevents the addict from falling back on a dangerous and destructive habit. It also makes it much easier to deal with the conflicting emotions of drug addiction treatment.

Drug rehab options that are long term are varied in scope. A few popular long term drug rehabilitation options include:

There are thousands of long term drug rehabilitation centers in the United States and around the world. Selecting one requires some knowledge of how these centers act and the qualifications that set drug rehab centers apart from one another.

How Long Term Drug Rehab Works

Depending on the level of addiction of the patient and the type of drug that he or she was addicted to, inpatient care sometimes precedes long-term drug rehabilitation treatment. Inpatient programs treat the physical dependencies and start to treat the causes of psychological dependence such as depression, anxiety, or emotional trauma.

Long-term drug rehabilitation continues this treatment from the time that inpatient care ends. For some less serious addictions, long-term drug rehabilitation is the first step for patients.

Therapists treat drug addictions through a variety of means including those listed above. The emphasis is on removing the reasons that the person became addicted to drugs in the first place and helping the patient to avoid situations in which he or she could start using drugs again.

Long-term drug rehab may only take a few hours per week eventually, but in its initial stages, it’s usually fairly time-intensive treatment. This is because drug addiction is a very serious psychological problem, and nearly constant treatment is a necessity for many patients early on.

Good long-term drug rehabilitation programs should have licensed therapists who have a specialization in drug treatment. It’s preferable to use a therapist who has a graduate or post-graduate degree in psychology or sociology. Before beginning a long-term drug treatment program, ask about the techniques that will be used in treatment and check the qualifications of the individuals providing services. If you are the family member of an addict, you should also ask about services that are provided to family members, particularly if you need help getting the addict to seek treatment.

The Cost of Long Term Drug Treatment Programs

Many patients are concerned about the cost of long-term drug rehabilitation. Different programs have different costs depending on the therapists, doctors, and other individuals who work with patients and many other factors. However, there are free and income-based drug treatment programs available.

While patients often worry about being able to afford long-term drug treatment, the alternative is drug addiction, which is much more expensive than even high-cost programs. To find a drug addiction treatment program that you can afford, contact a support organization such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to find a licensed program that can effectively treat your addiction or the addiction of your loved ones. Immediate and long-term treatment is absolutely essential when dealing with a drug addiction, and the right drug treatment program can make an astounding difference by improving the chances of patient success.

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