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Long Term Alcohol Rehabilitation

Becoming a Long-Term Alcohol Rehabilitation Success Story

Doctor Moos for the Center for Health Care was quoted as saying that, “…individuals who entered treatment faster and who got a longer duration of treatment, had better short- and long-term alcohol-related outcomes and better short-term social functioning. “ According to their way of approaching alcohol recovery programs, quick entry combined with a longer duration of treatment may be more important than the actual intensity of the alcohol treatment program. Of course, alcoholism doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it generally begins with recreational drinking which progresses (sometimes rather rapidly) out of control. It destroys lives, leaving broken marriages, crushed careers, ruined reputations and devastated self-esteem in its wake. Every year, 12,300 alcohol-related liver disease deaths occur.

  • There seems to be enough clinical data to support the notion that immediate registration paired with longer-term care is the most likely success factor recovery and rehabilitation.
  • Surprisingly, one component that seems to help improve success statistics over the long-term is attention to diet and nutrition.
  • If you even suspect that you need an “intervention” or alcohol rehab, then most likely, you do.

Assessing Your Situation in Light of Long-Term Alcohol Recovery

One part of finding the help you need is coming to a conclusive and comprehensive understanding of your current situation. How often are you drinking? How many and which relationships have suffered because of your drinking problem? Have you come to the conclusion that not getting help is too dangerous to even contemplate?

Long-term alcohol rehab and recovery starts with you and your commitment to finding freedom. No one else can do it for you. No program can accomplish anything you aren’t enthusiastically embracing yourself. You have to want it, need it, in order to approach your long-term recovery in the right light. Even if you’re increasingly concerned with issues like cost, there are always non-profit foundations and organizations that are willing and able to help you obtain the help you need.

The Connection between Nutrition and Long-Term Alcohol Care and Recovery

In a study performed by the National Institute of Health in 2006, a positive correlation was found between poor eating habits and increased consumption of alcoholic beverages. The opposite was also found to be true. Furthermore, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that a critical component of long-term recovery includes the addition of better eating habits. This not only fixes the damage done to the body during the course of addiction, but also promotes a healthier long-term withdrawal from alcohol. Proper nutrition can also help minimize the immediate effects of alcohol withdrawal, including headaches, irritation, nausea and nervousness.

Ultimately, those who are facing moderate to severe-level addictions are in need of intensive, long-term treatment. There is a definite need for one-on-one interactions with counselors and therapists, combined with group therapy, a controlled environment and high levels of accountability to insure that a lasting change comes about, not just a temporary cessation of the problem.

Considering Long-Term Alcohol Rehab for Minors

Adults aren’t the only ones who suffer from addiction. Teens and young adults also encounter bouts with alcohol that can leave them in dire need of intervention and change. If you’re seeking long-term and inpatient alcohol recovery solutions for a child, teenager or college-aged adult, be sure to verify that there will be ways for them to keep up with their studies and education. Not only is this critical to their overall education, adding in this scheduled activity complete with definite expectations can further bolster the child’s commitment and dedication to making the change.

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