In modern America, we live in an extremely health-conscious society. There is great focus placed on eating healthy foods, exercising and leading generally healthy lives. It is important to take care of yourself, ensuring that you have a better quality of life. However, there are some people who take this fact to the extreme and eliminate specific and valuable nutrients from their diet. These people allow their personal fears to contaminate reality. Lipophobia is the fear of fats present in foods.

Symptoms of Lipophobia

Common Facts About Lipophobia

Lipophobia is not an extremely common phobia and has only been documented for the past 40 years. This fear originated from nutritional guidelines that were set in the Dietary Goals for the United States Senate Selection Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs. It was recommended in these guidelines that red meat be restricted from diets. Lipophobics most likely developed this fear through an obsession with body issues and from the pressures of society on appearance and self-worth.

People who suffer with Lipophobia avoid fats in food completely. Also, there exists a chemical property, or compound, that specifically is referred to as “fat rejection” or a “fear of fat” which is called Lipophobicity. Lipophobic compounds are those compounds that are not soluble in lipids or other non-polar solvents. More clearly, they simply do not absorb fats. Many people who suffer with Lipophobia do not eat red meat at all. This fear is slightly different from other phobias in that it relates more to a physical issue rather than a mental instability. Of course, the physical nature leads into a mental insecurity that can lead to other mental disorders. With the proper treatment, this phobia can be overcome.

Treatment of Lipophobia

It is important to remember that Lipophobia has been classified as a disease, or medical condition. Speak with your doctor and they will refer you to another healthcare professional who specializes in dealing with cases of Lipophobia. There are a variety of treatment options offered to overcome this fear and your specialist will analyze your specific situation to determine the best treatment option for you. You can begin to live a healthy lifestyle beginning today.

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