Life Coach

Getting the Most Out of Living

For people who feel like prisoners in their own skin, trapped in circumstances and tied to one mistake after another, life coaching may be precisely what the doctor ordered. If your existence has been one of reactivity versus pro-activity, isn’t it about time for a change? Life is full of tough decisions and the consequences of bad choices can linger relentlessly. If you’re tired of being dealt defeat or you’re ready to take over the controls of your day-to-day existence and stop coasting through on auto-pilot, a life coach may be exactly what’s needed for new found success.

  • Evaluate your career choices in light of your personality, strengths and weaknesses
  • Come to terms with the necessity of goal-setting and positive thinking
  • Learn how to make the most of the Law of Attraction and other Universal Precepts
  • Build better relationships
  • Live up to your fullest potential

What – Exactly – Does a Life Coach Do?

While the term “life coaching” can seem vague, there are specific things that a life coach offers to their clients. First of all, it’s critical to understand that a life coach does NOT have to have the credentials of other certified therapists or counselors. While many life coaches do hold degrees or memberships in credible organizations or associations, anyone in the world can set himself or herself up as a life coach. This is one reason that it is so vital to carefully evaluate and “interview” potential life coaches before signing on for their services. In a nutshell, all reputable life coaches work to take an active and hands-on approach to working with individuals in key areas of life like relationships, careers, families or even finances. This might be accomplished through regular meetings, “homework” assignments, goal-setting and frequent monitoring of the progress that has or hasn’t been made. According to an article published in USA Today a few years ago, there were an estimated 10,000 life coaches currently in practice across America, with more signing up each day. However, it is also important to distinguish that life coaches are NOT mental health professionals and gear their attention and efforts towards issues that are day-to-day. Depression, addiction or other psychological disorders should be addressed by a licensed professional.

The Benefits of a Life Coach

Thanks to the incorporation of the word “coach” into the title, one of the major benefits of a life coach is that they are able to attract men who might normally shy away from therapists or counselors. Depending on the specialty of your own particular life coach, there are a host of different benefits you can take advantage of, including: smooth transitions through bumpy stages in life, the ability to re-evaluate your life and your goals and to plan things out accordingly, achieving a sense of balance that has been missing, guidance in making difficult decisions, pointers on prioritizing, improved relationships, recognizing and optimizing your core strengths as an individual, simplifying your life for greater enjoyment and less stress, an increased sense of control and a better aptitude for time management.

Ultimately, one of the biggest reasons that life coaching works where individuals did not is that a life coach brings in a fresh perspective, a great deal of professional experience and a dedication to helping you achieve your dreams and abandon detrimental habits and practices. Once you know why you want a life coach and what you expect of them, it’s up to you to find one who is a perfect fit for your individual needs.

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