Phobias are commonly known as fears. Surely we’ve all at least heard of a few different kinds of phobias, and some are more rational than others. Lesbophobia could be considered a fear, but it’s more commonly described as a feeling of negativity or hostility toward lesbians as individual women, couples and social groups. Lesbophobia is a sort of cross between homophobia and sexism, in that it specifically targets the female gendered homosexual. Lesbophobia can also include the fear of women loving other women, as well as a fear that men have of women not loving them.

Common Facts About Lesbophobia

Lesbophobia, like all other prejudices and irrational intolerance, is dangerous on many levels. The social discrimination involved is damaging to all aspects of the person being discriminated against. For example, a hostile or cruel action like saying rude or inappropriate things to someone is hurtful to their emotional and psychological self. Constant put-downs and lack of acceptance causes a separation in our society, making the “normal” person in control and the “abnormal” person struggle. This is an inefficient and unproductive way of interacting with one another. Lesbophobia has escalated to physical violence in certain cases, resulting in such horrific events like rape and murder.

Treatment of Lesbophobia

If you are experiencing lesbophobia as the person with negative feelings toward lesbians, you are taking a positive step toward social tolerance. Perhaps you notice yourself feeling negative, hostile, disgust or discomfort in the presence of homosexual women, and you don’t want to feel this way. It can be a great idea to participate in gay rights events, so that you can understand that lesbians are people just like you, deserving of all the respect and justice anyone else gets. Practice acceptance in your daily life, by realizing that there is no real reason to be disapproving of lesbians, and that it is a social construct, which needs to be torn down. Seeking help from local therapist is also a way to overcome lesbophobia. If someone you know is lesbophobic and you are concerned about their attitude, calmly talk to them and openly communicate the problem. A therapist can also be helpful in this situation.

If you are being discriminated for being a lesbian, it can truly be a very difficult situation. While there isn’t a lot you can control about other people, the best thing to do is surround yourself with loving, accepting and supportive friends, family members, or social groups. Never feel that the discrimination is too much to handle. Allowing yourself to be proudly who you are is very important. It’s also a great idea to get involved with your community and be a catalyst for social change and views of homosexuality. By continuing the chain of acceptance no matter what sexual orientation can only influence positivity and a more harmonious existence.

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