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Ketamine Rehab Costs

What is Ketamine?

What started off as an anesthetic tranquilizer for injured animals in 1965, Ketamine is now widely used as an anesthetic and a recreational hallucinogen. Ketamine can be found as a clear liquid, a white or off-white powder or a pill. Commonly known on the streets as “Special K” or “Cat Valium,” Ketamine gives the user or patient an “out of body experience” similar to LSD. Ketamine is a favorite drug of ravers and drug-users, but it can have serious side effects. It can become addictive for repeat users, often requiring higher and higher dosages of the drug. If this is the case a Ketamine drug treatment program may be helpful to the user.

Ketamine Effects and Facts

  • The cost for illegally obtained Ketamine runs from $20-$25 per dose.
  • Ketamine can cause delirium, depression of the nervous system, nausea, nightmares and vomiting.
  • Ketamine is related to PCP and is used recreationally for its hallucinogenic properties.
  • There have been 12 reported deaths related to Ketamine, three of which were from Ketamine abuse alone.
  • Ketamine is classified as a disassociative anesthetic, meaning it can induce out of body experiences and make the body numb.
  • Taken in large dosages Ketamine causes total paralysis.

How is Ketamine Addictive?

Ketamine is a habit forming rather than physically addictive drug. The user will have to take more each time to achieve the same psychedelic effects and in some cases, completely lose the ability to feel any psychedelic effects at all.

How Does Ketamine Affect the Body?

After a long bout of Ketamine use it is possible to feel extra sensitivity to pain, or become easily distracted and fidgety. At the Bristol Urological Institute at Southmead Hospital, doctors found that Ketamine had a negative affect on the bladder and with continued use, the symptoms became harder to control.

Getting Help

Ketamine addiction should not be addressed lightly. In several cases Ketamine has been reported as a date-rape drug and the potential of paralyzing overdoses could leave you or your loved one in a helpless or dangerous place.

There are Ketamine rehabilitation programs that can help. The costs of Ketamine drug rehabilitation should not deter anyone from getting help. There are several ways that the Ketamine rehabilitation costs can be paid for such as medical insurance, getting a government funded program, or paying out of pocket. If insurance is the way to go, then its important to find out just how far your insurance company is willing to go to pay the high costs of Ketamine drug treatment. If treatment is financially out of reach there are many valuable resources that can be found online or in a phonebook. Call each one to see if they have financial assistance programs.

The Bottom Line

No matter what Ketamine rehabilitation costs, it is worth stopping the negative side effects it can have on the mind and urinary tract system. It is also worth preventing getting laced drugs, rape and unintended paralysis. There is no reason to wait, find the right Ketamine drug treatment center for you or you loved one before its too late.

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