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Inhalant Rehab Costs

Costs of Inhalant Drug Rehabilitation

Whippets and huffers sound like children’s party favors, but they actually refer to the class of inhalant drugs and their users. Sadly, the use of inhalant drugs is most prevalent in pre-teens and teenagers, but addiction affects everyone around the user too. Although addiction is uncommon, an inhalant drug rehabilitation center may be a life saving opportunity for those who have acquired a dependency.

Inhalant Drug Facts

  • Inhalants affect the brain by giving the user an intoxicated feeling much like alcohol. Such side effects usually include lightheadedness, euphoria, and slurred speech.
  • There are many common household items that can be used to get high such as paints, glue and household cleaners.
  • Inhalants keep oxygen from reaching the lungs and can cause suffocation.
  • The after effects of inhalants include headaches, vomiting, muscle weakness and drowsiness.
  • Long-term effects include lack of coordination, depression, weight loss and disorientation.
  • “Sudden sniffing death” can happen after a prolonged session of sniffing as the result of heart attack.

Getting Help

People often get deterred from seeking professional help because of the cost of inhalant drug rehabilitation or become too overwhelmed by the vast array of treatment options. There are many approaches to inhalant drug treatment including education, counseling and holistic approaches that can be done in the facility or as an outpatient. In most cases, being treated in an inpatient center will be more costly than getting help at home, but usually has a much higher rate of effectiveness. Residing at a drug rehabilitation center will give the patient round-the-clock supervision and doctors can help ease the withdrawal symptoms with medication. Meanwhile, outpatients remain on their own and attend counseling, classes and meetings to help them find ways to resist their addiction for good. Although there are higher costs for inpatient drug rehabilitation centers, this may be the best option for many.

Questions to Ask

  • What is included in the treatment program?
  • How is treatment approached?
  • What will be added to the bill as a fee-for-service program?
  • What will the insurance cover?
  • Are there special programs for people without insurance?
  • How is the quality of service?

Affording Treatment

When looking at the financial costs of inhalant drug rehabilitation, it is a good idea to think of the costs of long run continued drug abuse. The price of inhalant drug abuse, which can even include death, is much higher than getting help at an inpatient facility. The price tags can range from free to over $30,000 a month for more luxurious settings. There are usually three ways to go about covering the cost of treatment, which include private insurance, government funded programs or out of pocket cash. Most people seek the first two alternatives. With health insurance there are a lot of ins and outs to different policies, some insurance covers everything, while some may require a co-pay or only cover part of a patient’s drug inhalant treatment program. Finding a treatment program for people without insurance requires more detective work. There are state and federally funded programs available as well, but it requires detective work on the part of the person seeking treatment.

The Bottom Line

The most important thing to do is get a professional’s help in beating an inhalant drug addiction. While the price for treatment may seem steep, the addiction will drain the life out of you, your family, and your wallet. Check out these listings for rehabilitation centers in your state and get calling, recovery is at your fingertips.

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