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Industrial Psychology

What Is Industrial Psychology And Why Is It Helpful To Companies?

It’s known that mental and emotional well-being can contribute to productivity and make a person a better worker, and industrial psychologists have careers because of this widely accepted principle. Employers hire industrial psychologists to perform the job of any other psychologist–that is, to ease mental distress and promote well-being–but in a workplace setting. Industrial psychologists work at many goals, including but not limited to:

  • Improving morale and job performance
  • Providing a job analysis of individual employees
  • Improving group performance and social dynamic analysis
  • Assessing job satisfaction on both an individual and group basis

Many companies have found industrial psychologists to be a worthwhile tool that greatly reduces their costs while improving the well being of their employees. Companies that decide good industrial psychologists often post better profits, and these companies often attribute their successes to the presence of a psychologist or a psychology team.

If you’re interested in finding an industrial psychologist or pursuing a career in industrial psychology, here are a few important things to keep in mind.

Is Industrial Psychology The Same As Organizational Psychology?

Industrial psychology is by no means limited to massive industrial companies. It’s also known as organizational psychology, and any company can benefit from the addition of industrial psychologists.

As the function of an industrial psychologist is to use a scientific approach, it’s important to note that objectivity is key. Industrial psychologists are expected to be highly analytical and capable of approaching problems without subjectivity.

The function of an industrial psychologist is not to provide management or training in any way; rather, they encourage healthy workplace practices and successful group relationships using established psychological principles.

However, industrial psychologists are hired for their knowledge of business as well as their knowledge of the field of psychology, and they may advise managers on various tasks or help to design ways to assess employee performance, job applications, etc.

Requirements Of An Industrial Psychologist

I-O (industrial or organizational) psychologists are generally expected to have either a master’s degree or a doctorate from an accredited school when they begin their careers. The level of the psychologist’s degree and the exact specifics of the educational program will greatly affect the psychologist’s ability to find jobs and to provide services for private companies.

There are many different kinds of companies that hire I-O psychologists, and the salaries of psychologists vary depending on whether they’re hired in the government or in the private sector. Nevertheless, job opportunities for I-O psychologists continue to grow, perhaps reflecting a growing interest from businesses of all sizes in the techniques used by industrial psychology experts.

If you’re looking for an industrial psychologist or you’re considering the field as a career, it’s important to think about experience versus salary. Experienced psychologists generally expect a relatively high pay of around $100,000 while starting industrial psychologists can make around $40,000, even with a postgraduate degree.

While a degree in I-O psychology can take time, it allows many industrial psychology professionals to make a serious difference in a work place. They’re able to improve company performance while also providing a valuable service for employees. For many I-O psychologists, the growing list of job opportunities in the field and the substantial benefits of psychology jobs are well worth the time and money spent in pursuing a career, and to many companies, a good industrial psychologist can mean a major improvement in employee job satisfaction and performance.

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