Water is one of the few things that are necessary to all forms of life on the planet. As a human, water is important to us for hundreds of different reasons and is crucial in our way of life. We need to ingest it to survive, we need it bathe in it, and our bodies are made up of over 55 percent water. As a result, the fear of water seems almost impossible but it does exist and it can be incredibly dangerous to live with. Hydrophobia is an intense, irrational fear of water that can be commonly diagnosed at childhood and should be treated as soon as possible. Certain types of hydrophobia may also appear in later stages of contracting rabies, which would require treatment on an immediate basis.

Symptoms of Hydrophobia

Since Earth is made up of about 70 percent of water, it is easy to see why this fear can be a very difficult one to live with. If you notice common symptoms associated with hydrophobia, consider visiting a health professional to discuss the treatment options available to you. Here are several situations in which a hydrophobic person may be uncomfortable with:

  • Fear of drowning or being submerged, even by irrational amounts of water.
  • Avoiding any and all situations in which a body of water may be present.
  • Avoidance of most liquids, not just water.
  • Keeping a distance from liquid sources such as sinks and showers

Causes of Hydrophobia

Hydrophobia can be a very dangerous, crippling disease that can lead to severe mental problems and create social obstacles, such as the inability to bathe. Hydrophobia can also be caused by rabies and noticed in the later stages of infection. In the latter case, it is imperative you visit a health professional immediately.

Treatment of Hydrophobia

Although only a few of the adults suffering from hydrophobia bother to seek treatment, several methods have been proven effective in dealing with the fear of water. If this fear is left untreated, it may develop and become even more intense over time. While some may start off by simply being afraid of entering the ocean or other body of water, the fear may begin to find other ways to present itself. These same sufferers may soon be afraid to bathe or consume any type of liquid, which would certainly begin to negatively impact their personal lives on both a social and mental level. Treating hydrophobia at a younger age can help combat these aspects of the fear and prevent the fear from developing and haunting them into their adult lives.

If you have an ongoing fear of water and are interested in exploring different treatment options, there are many top rated health professionals available near you.

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