• How to Get Counseling When Your Career Keeps You on the Road

    How to Get Counseling When Your Career Keeps You on the Road

    Many careers require employees to spend days, weeks and even months on the road. With these types of jobs, workers may find themselves at a loss for getting help with family problems, financial problems and even medical problems. Keeping up with counseling is a challenge.

    The Traveling Lifestyle

    Two examples of such careers are over-the-road truck drivers and specialty construction contractors. Truckers may get home every 2 or 3 weeks while some contractors, like tunnel workers, may not get home for 2 or 3 months.

    Even sales executives that spend weeks on the road to attend seminars and training sessions are likely to find it difficult to maintain a regular schedule for counseling or therapy.

    Mental Health at Risk

    Loneliness, sleep problems, and depression can all take a toll on a person’s mental health. People with careers on the road spend long hours working and traveling, often at night. ClassADrivers.com, an online community of truck drivers, explains in their Become a Truck Driver section, “There’s no more taking the kids to school or bridge clubs or dinner with the in-laws. Gone are the nights sleeping in a king-sized bed and eating meals on a regular schedule.”

    All of this creates stress that adds on to any existing problems. It’s no surprise that many fall into patterns of substance abuse. And even as they seek help and aim to cope with these issues, keeping up with regular counseling can be difficult.

    Solutions for Traveling Workers

    Fortunately, technology provides a lifeline. Anyone from truck drivers to sales executives can use the quick and easy resource in the palm of their hands.

    New services, such as Teladoc, allow users to schedule phone calls or video chats for counseling appointments. Videos can even put you face-to-face with a doctor. For Teladoc, you simply enter in a time, and a licensed doctor will call you back.

    Many of these services even take your existing insurance. If you travel often for work, you can ask your insurance company which phone or video conferencing service they use for doctors. Online psychiatrists are also available for those who need prescription medication in addition to counseling.

    Some people may prefer to use online counseling in combination with in-person counseling. In this case, workers will still find it easier to schedule one session every couple months, compared to one in-person appointment every week.

    Of course, the access of the smartphone also makes it easier to take care of your mental health by keeping in touch with family and friends. And the Internet in your hands gives you access to sites that offer resources for your everyday problems.

    So while being away from home for long periods of time can be stressful, there is help out there, even while you’re on the road. Nobody in any job should have to set aside their mental health or counseling needs.

    Written by Jay Barrett. Barrett is an experienced technical writer for 40+ years with a background in trucking. He is a regular contributor to ClassADrivers.com.

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