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Holistic Drug Rehab Programs

Benefits to the Mind, Body and Spirit

Addiction attacks a whole person, not just a single aspect of the self. For instance, you can’t be addicted to a drug only in your body – your organs, cells and hormones. When you’re addicted to a substance, it permeates deep into your mind and your spirit. It becomes something that doesn’t just put your cardio-vascular or nervous system at risk, but also attacks your mental and emotional systems. For those of a religious persuasion, drug addiction can even damage your spirit and your soul. The tentacles of addiction threaten to wrap around every aspect of your life, dragging you down into a deep oblivion that leaves the real you a mere ghost, living on only in fond memories. Because addiction isn’t merely a physical problem, many addicts find that they are better cared for and find long-term solutions to their problems when they turn to a holistic drug rehab program or treatment facility in their battle against addiction.

  • Holistic rehab programs consider all of you before deciding on a treatment.
  • Holistic rehab treatment programs offer balance and comprehensive solutions that treat the problem and not just the symptoms.
  • Holistic rehab treatments offer relaxation and complementary spa-like treatments that address the mind and spirit as well as the body.

Sometimes, Conventional Treatments Just Aren’t Enough

For those who have been battling against addiction for a long time, traditional and conventional treatment options may be missing a key ingredient that is essential for success, and that key ingredient is often individualization.

In many in-patient programs and 12-step groups, the experience is tailored around an archetype or stereotype, one that may be drastically different from who you are or what you represent in the world outside of the doors. After all, not all addicts fit into a particular model or stereotype society has set out for them. If you’ve attempted many of these one-size-fits-all approaches to overcoming an addiction without any luck, a holistic approach to rehab may be what’s been missing all along.

Are You Sure This Isn’t a Spa?

Holistic rehab programs are rarely what people expect when they think of a rehab program of any kind. When you even say the word “rehab” the first thing that generally comes to mind is a sterile environment where there are nurses in their coats, a locked pharmacy dispensary, vacant-eyed “inmates” and bars and locks all around.

While there are certainly facilities out there that live up to this terrible stereotyped idea, holistic rehab programs couldn’t be any further on the opposite end of the spectrum. Instead of being forced to work on clay crafts, a holistic rehab program may offer massage therapy treatments, acupuncture, yoga or meditation as part of your “free time.” Furthermore, the conversations that you have with your fellow rehab visitors and the staff may seem to be deeper, with greater breadth and depth. Where one concept of rehab is highly clinical and conventional, the other is creative and comprehensive. As a matter of fact, it often isn’t long before you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t make the decision to enroll long ago.

While the physical effects of addiction can be dire and intimidating, it’s important not to overlook what is happening to you on the inside as you battle against alcohol or chemical dependency. If you’re looking for the end-all solution to your addiction, take the time to investigate holistic drug rehab programs that are available in your area.

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