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Holistic Alcohol Rehab Programs

The Harmony and Healing of Holistic Alcohol Rehab Programs

Different recovery methods and options look at the human creature in a number of different ways. Holistic alcohol rehab programs look at humanity with a perspective that embraces the distinct needs of the mind, the body and the spirit. These programs address addictions in all of its many forms, including addictive behaviors, drug and alcohol addiction and addiction to feelings and other abstract, versus concrete, things. In addition to providing comprehensive treatment methods and concepts that you’d find in the more traditional rehabilitation facilities that are available, holistic programs pay special attention the both the environment and overall “atmosphere” of their locations which generally feel more warm and inviting than other more clinical, hospital-like settings. Holistic rehab programs are unique because they:

  • Combine traditional and somewhat mystical treatment philosophies and techniques
  • Often incorporate spa-like treatments and therapies
  • Take notice of nutrition and the dietary considerations when treating the individual

Alternative Therapies Used in Holistic Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Holistic alcohol treatment programs approach the individual from the three arenas of the mental, the physical and the spiritual. However, unlike Christian rehab programs, holistic programs don’t embrace the specific or particular doctrines of a lone religion. The spirit is addressed and tended to without the “need” for a belief in a particular god or group of deities. In this light, holistic alcohol rehab programs often take advantage of non-traditional therapies like mindfulness training, motivational enhancement, NLP, transformational therapies, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, Reiki, colonics, meditation, and Yoga. Great care and attention are devoted to creating environments that are marked with an atmosphere of peace, serenity and tranquility. It is the intention of the facilities and therapists to offer those seeking treatment a setting that is as free as possible from the triggers they have to contend with in the outside world for long enough to recognize the deeper issues that make turning to alcohol or drugs so attractive in the first place.

Holistic Alcohol Rehab Has An Eye for Aesthetics

One of the reasons that holistic solutions are so sought after in addiction recovery is because there’s a spa-like quality to the treatments and techniques. It’s not at all unusual to involve relaxing in spas and hot tubs, sitting in saunas or stretching out in steam rooms. Mindfulness techniques and meditation sessions are encouraged to help the individual to turn inside of themselves for relief and answers to their problems. Art and creativity are employed and encouraged to help self-expression emerge. Additionally, in-depth and slightly unconventional assessments might be employed to determine what issues are causing the greatest blocks and obstacles in the progress and path to full recovery. These are used to evaluate the individual’s overall “chemistry” or the peculiarities and particulars of their individual personalities so that treatment methods are completely customized to their specific needs.

Nutritional Needs Are Addressed

Since holistic therapies and treatments look at the “whole” person, one component analyzed is the nutritional and dietary background of a person. Many ancient therapies place a great deal of importance on what gets eaten and how those nutrients, vitamins and minerals influence the body’s ability to properly deal with stress, handle problems, heal and otherwise make a full recovery. Holistic rehab programs harness nutrition, aesthetics, unconventional theories and tailor-made strategies to find lasting success when dealing with addiction and alcoholism.

Getting Help

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, consider if a holistic approach is right for you and get help as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the damage can become.

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