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Histrionic Personality Disorder

There is a massive difference between someone acting dramatic and someone acting histrionic. Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) impacts the lives of 2 to 3 percent of the American public, causing them to endlessly seek attention regardless of their surroundings. Sufferers of HPD often find themselves unable to consciously think of those around them. Instead, they seek the general attention of the room and will use any situation, no matter how small or insignificant, to focus all eyes on them. Unfortunately, many of those affected come off to others as self-centered, making social situations uneasy and difficult.

If you think you are suffering from HPD, consider seeking out treatment immediately. While there is no exact cause of HPD, there are several ways to help treat the disorder and lessen the symptoms. Many sufferers of HPD are reluctant to seek help on their own, so consult with a loved one about which treatment option may be the best for you.

If HPD is not properly treated, more serious mental issues such as depression may surface. No direct cause has been found in treating HPD cases, but many start noticing a change after a traumatic personal loss or failed long-term relationship. Since most suffers are reluctant to seek treatment and a sensitivity to criticism is one of the symptoms of HPD, it may be up to a close family member or friend to calmly talk through a problem and ease into treatment options. Doctors will often do a behavioral diagnosis as well as look into personal history to find the root of the problem. Psychotherapy will then usually be suggested as well as some minor medications intended to suppress some of the symptoms or deal with side effects such as depression.

HPD will often negatively impact the ability to deal with failure or loss as well as appear off-putting to those around you in most situations. Suffers are generally too internally focused, making them seem shallow to most people around them in social situations. Over dramatizing your own actions as well as minor situations may be off-putting to some as suffers will continuously strive to put themselves at the center of attention. Most HPD sufferers also have trouble keeping focused throughout projects or tasks as well as being incredibly sensitive to criticism and judgment. This dangerous combination of symptoms will often cause frequent shifts in employment and romantic relationships, negatively impacting your personal life as well as your mental state. While these may seem unrelated, when there is disharmony among your personal, work and social life, the more serious mental disorders may develop.

HPD is a serious problem that will negatively affect both your self-image and those around you. If you constantly need to be the center of attention, with no regard of those around you and often make rash, emotional decisions, it may be time to seek a proper diagnosis for HPD. If a doctor is unable to find the root of the issue, he or she may refer a patient to a psychiatrist or psychologist in order to better treat the illness. By finding a way to overcome and treat the symptoms of HPD, suffers will be able to better handle social situations as well as become more productive.

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